Wednesday, August 06, 2014

It's David Quantick!

Thursday November 6th - 6.30pm-8.00pm
What? Do you need any more persuading to come to the Big Green Bookshop?
David Quantick will be here, isn’t that enough for you?
Writer, critic, journalist and all round legend, David will be here to read from, discuss and answer questions about his new book “How To Write Everything”. There are few people more qualified to have penned this.
David really has written everything. As a television writer, he has written for The Thick Of It, The Day Today, Brass Eye, TV Burp and many other shows. He is also an award-winning writer on HBO's Veep and wrote the critically-praised Sky Arts Playhouse, Snodgrass. As a radio writer, he created Radio 4's One and Radio 2's The Blagger's Guide. His novel Sparks (described as 'excellent'; by Neil Gaiman) is a brilliant sci-fi comedy and his graphic series Louis Wain (created with Savage Pencil) was published in Alan Moore's Dodgem Logic.
As well as a series of music books and the official biography of Eddie Izzard, David wrote the Sunday Times best-seller Grumpy Old Men and has written for over 50 magazines and newspapers, from The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph to NME and Q. With Jane Bussmann, he created the world's first internet sitcom, The Junkies, and he is also the writer of several short films, including the highly-acclaimed Lot 13.
Tickets are just three quid and David will be happy to sign copies of the book, which will be available at the Big Green Bookshop on the night at just £9.99.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

How the Truth Caught Up with Rupert Murdoch

Friday September 12th – 7.00pm – 8.30pm
Nick Davies – Hack Attack
At first, it seemed like a small story. The royal editor of the News of the World was caught listening to the voicemail messages of staff at BuckinghamPalace. In 2007 he and a private investigator were sentenced to prison and the case was closed. But Nick Davies felt sure there was more to it and began his painstaking investigation which ultimately exposed a world of crime and cover-up, of fear and favour - reaching all the way to the top.
This book is the definitive, inside story of one of the major scandals of our age. Drawing on exclusive interviews with private investigators, journalists, politicians, police officers and Murdoch executives, it blows the lid off FleetStreet, Scotland Yard - and Downing Street. It tells for the first time how Davies and a network of rebel lawyers, MPs and celebrities took on Rupert Murdoch, one of the most powerful men in the world. It takes us into the newsroom of the News of the World and exposes the bullying and law-breaking that went on there, and into the underworld of the private investigators who hacked phones, listened to live calls and bribed the police. Above all, this book paints an intimate portrait of the power elite which gave Murdoch privileged access to government, and allowed him and his people to intimidate anyone who stood up to them.
We're delighted that Nick will be at the Bookshop to talk about his experiences.
Hack Attack is a nail-biting account of an investigative journalist's quest, and is a shining example of the might of good journalism. It tells the story of what happened when truth caught up with power.
There will also be an opportunity to ask questions and Nick will be happy to sign copies of the book.
Tickets are just £5, redeemable on the book.
Please book early

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Groups, Clubs, Socials

We – at the Big Green Bookshop – do groups.

And by "DO" I mean we love groups, we encourage groups, and we like to think that we nurture groups. In short(ish) we dig groups, societies, socials, friends of, bands, crowds, committees, sub-committees, boards, clubs, bodies or quangos. Call 'em what you will, we love 'em.

 We already have a busy schedule, but we find ourselves with an evening or two to spare, so we thought we'd let you decide what type of group we should run.

Here is a list of suggestions (some made by customers) for you to vote for. Or you can suggest one of your very own.

(If you want to suggest a group you can email, or tweet @biggreenbooks, or call 020 8881 6767, or come into the shop for a chat.) 

  • Storytime for Adults
We will invite people to tell their stories, read their poems or sing their songs that have a narrative. It must tell a story or it won't make the cut. The performers can be professional or amateur so long as they have a tale to tell. The stories can be funny or sad, fact or fiction, long or short. AND there could be an Open-Mic spot.
This would be the type of event where we would like both story-tellers and an audience.
We would operate this is a similar way to the Comedy Nights, where we charge an entry fee and the performers take a cut. This suggestion was made by a customer.

  • Screen or Script Writing Group
It may simply be coincidence, but recently I have met a number of people who are working on scripts 'n' screenplays, and it occurred to me that they need as much support as any other writers.
Our writing group recently grew so popular that we had to split it into two, but there's nothing for the dedicated playwriter.
If this proves to be the choice of the people then we would contact the lovely folk at Mountview Theatre School to encourage their students to attend to table-read the offerings.
Like the writing group this would involve a £3.00 sub

  • Wine Tasting
Surprisingly this is Simon's idea. I suppose that's because there's already a lot of wine tasting (and swallowing) at events that I host. (this is Tim writing this by the way. If you don't know who I am (maybe you're a fan of the shop from Twitter, or Facebook or some other digital-e-based thingy all of which Simon is king) well, I am the other one. After a few glasses of wine I is the better looking one….
This group may seem self explanatory, but I should add that it would not be one of us leading the group. We would find a local expert (maybe from a nice independent off-licence) to chair the meetings.
Also, as we have forged some links to local brewers, it wouldn't just be wine we'd be tasting.
There would have to be a charge to cover the cost of the wine.

  • Book Swap with Food to Share

But you already do a book swap, don't you? Well yes, but the emphasis is always on visiting authors. This book swap would be much more relaxed, and more about meeting new people and recommending books to them over shared food & drink. We would have visiting authors, but not every time. 
This would be a free event (so long as everybody brings something for the table)

  • Women's Institute Style Talks
We would invite local businesspersons, journalists, minor celebs, people in the news, maybe a local Politian or two to come and tell us their tales. and answer questions.
We wouldn't advertise who was coming in advance so every month would be a surprise.
There would be a £3.00 sub for this event, and we would encourage people to bring food & drink to share.

  • News or Philosophy group
Come together to discuss the news of the day, or the big questions facing the modern philosopher. Sometimes you just want to let off steam about the injustices in the world, or to share a page 20 good news story that most people won't have seen. Sometimes just asking a question out loud provides you with the answer. This would be an opportunity to meet new people and listen to their opinions. This group was suggested by a customer

  • Senseless Argument Group
Also suggested by a customer….
Pick a pointless subject (Why should adding ridges to a crisp make it taste better?) add in some alcohol and go…
Incidentally, have dustbin men actually got louder now that the old tin dustbins are no more?

And lastly

  • Singles Book Swap Group
It's tricky to meet new people with a view to dating. What do you talk about? Well this could be a chance to meet that special someone.
Bring a book to recommend and swap, maybe some food or drink to share. 
Could literary compatibility lead to anything more?
This group was suggested by a customer

Check out this list first. We may already run the perfect group for you.

You will find below all the events that happen every month, regular as clockwork.

Monday 10.00am – 11.00am
Storytime & Songs for under 5s
Come and enjoy some books and join in with the singing. Suitable for newborns to 5 year olds. A great opportunity to meet other local parents. There's tea & coffee for the parents and a flapjack for the kids.
And it's FREE (although donations are gratefully accepted)

Monday 7.00pm
Monday Evening Reading Group 
We're always looking for more people to come along to our Reading Groups.
This one usually meets on the LAST MONDAY of each month,
There are drinks and snacks at the shop, but you're more than welcome to bring something to share.

Monday 7.00pm
Songwriting Salon 
Stuck for a rhyme? Stuck for a tune? Or have a song that you want to test drive before you play it live at the O2? Try it out with a friendly group of amateur musicians/songwriters
We meet on the SECOND MONDAY of every month.
Bring along some refreshments to share.
This group was suggested by a customer.

Tuesday 7.00pm
Tuesday Evening Reading Group 
We're always looking for more people to come along to our Reading Groups.
This one usually meets on the SECOND TUESDAY of each month,
There are drinks and snacks at the shop, but you're more than welcome to bring something to share.

Tuesday 7.00pm
Music Jam – Campfire Night
A few of our customers (like me (Tim)) play instruments, but the only chance they get to play them is in the privacy of their own homes.
We thought it might be a good idea to invite them to come along, bring an instrument (we can't fit a piano through the front door), relax and have fun with like minded musicians at the bookshop.
It's open to everyone whatever age and level you're at and who knows, this time next year you could be playing in front of thousands of screaming fans at Wembley Arena
We meet on the FIRST TUESDAY of each month.
We call this the Campfire Night because it's like sitting round a campfire sharing songs.
Bring along some refreshments to share.
This group was suggested by a customer.

Wednesday 7.00pm
Writers Group
Do you write short stories or novels?  Are you interested in joining a writers group? Do you have £3 spare?
So many questions....
But if the answer to these is yes, or even maybe, then why not come along to this group,
There are now two groups which run on alternate Wednesdays.
Writing Support Group. The ideal opportunity to test out your work and get feedback from a friendly group of fellow authors.
Critique Group. For those who have finished – or nearly – finished their work, this is a chance to fine tune it. There are also in-depth discussions on how to get your work published.
Both groups have only two rules.
 Rule 1 - Leave your ego at the door. Nobody's work is above constructive criticism.
 Rule 2 - Remember you're dealing with people's personal work, thoughts and words. Be constructive, not dismissive.
We know there are many of you out there who are really keen to write and this maybe something that'll help. You can come as little of as often as you like, to as many groups as you like, but if you think it may help, then why not come along.
Contact the shop to check dates.
Both groups are £3 per session, which will cover refreshments and the cost of the venue.
This group was suggested by a customer

Thursday 7.00pm
Short Story Reading Group 
We're always looking for more people to come along to our Reading Groups.
This one usually meets on the LAST THURSDAY of each month, and is dedicated to reading short stories.
There are drinks and snacks at the shop, but you're more than welcome to bring something to share.
This group was suggested by a customer.

Thursday 7.00pm
Gardeners' Questions
Is everything in your garden rosy? Or are weeds kicking sand in your face? (Metaphorically)
Either way this could be the group for you. Come and sow your knowledge, or gain a bit of home grown wisdom from other members of the group.
Subjects ranging from organic gardening to foraging will be discussed over the next few months.
This group meets on the THIRD THURSDAY of the month; check in the shop for further details.
This group was suggested by a customer

Friday 10.00am – 11.00am
Storytime & Songs for under 5s
Come and enjoy some books and join in with the singing. Suitable for newborns to 5 year olds. A great opportunity to meet other local parents. There's tea & coffee for the parents and a flapjack for the kids.
And it's FREE (although donations are gratefully accepted)

Friday 8.00pm
Working Title Comedy Night
On the LAST FRIDAY of each month. Our Monthly Stand-Up Comedy night. It's now become an established venue on the London comedy circuit. Each month we have some great stand-ups. There's a mixture of highly regarded newcomers, award winning comics as well as television and festival favourites. There are usually 4 or 5 great acts and an open mic session, all wonderfully compered by your host for the night, Chris Brosnahan (Described by The Sun as "a Comedian")
Bring your own refreshments, sit back and enjoy a great night at the bookshop.
Check the Events & Diary page for full details

Sunday 1.00pm-4.00pm
Knitting Club
It's the FIRST SUNDAY of the month, so it must be Knitting Club. It's simple.
Turn up, knit, chat, knit some more, eat biscuits and drink tea.
Everyone is welcome, even crochetters.

Sunday 1.00pm – 5.00pm
Boardgames Day
It's the LAST SUNDAY of the month, so it must be board games day at the Big Green Bookshop. You'll have the chance to relive some of your childhood classics like Monopoly but also try some of the new generation of games like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne and Labyrinth. These are fun, pacey, challenging games that don't drag on endlessly until you've lost the will to live.
Come along to the bookshop anytime throughout the afternoon, choose a game and spend a pleasant afternoon in the lovely surroundings of the bookshop trying to build your railway network, build your medieval empire or create a new civilisation. We'll provide coffee and tea, but bring along snacks to keep your mind focussed on destroying your opponents. Come along with friends or by yourself, we'll sure that there'll be a game you can join in with. If you want to bring along your own game then that's fine (especially if it's Escape From Colditz, I haven't played that for years) or if you want us to get a particular boardgame then just let us know and we'll do our best to get it (not Twister!).
There's even a Facebook Group called BOARD TO DEATH.....

This is a FREE club and we hope you tell all your friends about it.
This group was suggested by a customer

You can see how many of our groups have come from our lovely customers. We really do listen.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Big Green Bookswap, with Nikesh Shukla and James Smythe

Wednesday July 30th  7.30pm-9.30pm
The Big Green Bookswap with Nikesh Shukla and James Smythe

£3. (includes drink). Buy Tickets HERE

Join us for a glorious evening of entertainment and literary chat at the Big Green Bookshop (one of the 14 most beautiful indie bookshops in London).

There are two rules of Book Swap
1.       Bring a book with you that you like enough to recommend but are happy to swap
2.       Prepare to be entertained.
At these Book Swaps we ask the audience to each write down a question to ask our special guests.  The catch is that the question must have NOTHING to do with books. These questions are then placed in the "Bucket of Mystery" which Simon will randomly dip into throughout the evening.
"Special guests?" you say.
YES. We have two exceptional authors appearing this month. The clue to who they are was in the title of this event, but let us give you a little bit more information.

 NIKESH SHUKLA is the author of the hilarious Coconut Unlimited, which was shortlisted for the Costa First Novel Award. His short stories have featured pretty much everywhere, including The Salt Best British Short stories collection. I would seriously recommend if you have the facility to do so, you should dowload The Time Machine, which will make you cry.
And now his second novel has just been published. Meatspace (you may have heard us mention this book before) is a smart, funny cautionary tale about a struggling author's obsession with social media. Read about it HERE.
I must also mention that Nikesh likes Spider-Man, possibly a bit too much.
JAMES SMYTHE  is the author of (among others) The Testimony, which won the Wales Book of the Year Award, The Explorer and No Harm Can Come to a Good Man. His latest novel is the phenomenalThe Machine, which was Shortlisted for the Arthur C Clarke Award in 2014. You can read about the book HERE.
He is currently on book 29 (!) in his Guardian series entitled"Rereading Steven King".
Along with Nikesh, James co-hosts a sci-fi podcast, called Meat Up, Hulk Out. So there's every chance that he likes Spider-Man too much as well.
All these books we've mentioned will be available on the night at excitingly less than recommended retail prices.
Book Swaps are fun. DO YOU LIKE FUN? Fun that costs three pounds and includes a drink?
Well come along then!

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Shappi Khorsandi. Friday July 25th

Friday July 25th 8.00pm-11.00pm
Working Title Comedy Night with Shappi Khorsandi
We have something very special indeed for you this month, as we welcome the amazing Shappi Khorsandi to the Big Green Bookshop. 
She'll be heading off to the Edinburgh Festival the following week, but we're going to be treated to a preview of her show before she goes.
After being knocked up like a 1950s teenager, she missed the festival last year, but now she is back and it's forward march for Shappi.
Reflecting on the good things, she celebrates her haphazard, zigzag towards her dreams.
She introduces us to friends, family and total strangers who have helped her on her personal Yellow Brick Road. 
She's feisty, flirty and effortlessly funny she handles every subject with a razor sharp wit, softened only by her deliciously dizzy delivery and endless charm. 
Now, you know that tickets will sell out very quickly, so if you want to come along, PLEASE make sure you buy them in advance, as we won't be letting people in on the door.
Tickets are just FIVE POUNDS (bring your own refreshments) and your host will be the spectacular Chris Brosnahan.

Hope to see you there.  
Support acts TBA

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Haruki Murakami Midnight Opening

 Monday August 11th 7.30pm-midnight
A Very Special Evening celebrating Haruki Murakami's New Novel.
+With very special guests+

£32 Including Book (early bird price) BUY TICKETS HERE. 
£20 Without Book BUY TICKETS HERE.
The new novel by Haruki Murakami is being published in the UK in August.
Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, which has already topped the charts in GermanySpain andHolland, will be published in the UK on August 12th. The book sold one million copies in its first week on sale in Japanlast April,
" Tsukuru Tazaki had four best friends at school. By chance all of their names contained a colour. The two boys were called Akamatsu, meaning 'red pine', and Oumi, 'blue sea', while the girls' names were Shirane, 'white root', and Kurono, 'black field'.
Tazaki was the only last name with no colour in it. One day Tsukuru Tazaki's friends announced that they didn't want to see him, or talk to him, ever again. Since that day Tsukuru has been floating through life, unable to form intimate connections with anyone.
But then he meets Sara, who tells him that the time has come to find out what happened all those years ago."
The book is strictly embargoed. It will only be available to buy from midnight on August 11/12th.  We love Murakami at the Big Green Bookshop and so we're holding a special night to celebrate, culminating in the book being available to take home at midnight.
We have secured copies of the very special first edition of the book, which will include  
If you can't make it for the evening, but would like a copy of the first edition with the stickers they are available HERE (FREE P+P). 
The evening will run as follows;
7.30pm Doors open. Guests can enjoy a drink and a browse (sake will be available, as well as wine, beer and soft drinks).
7.45pm Stuart Evers presents "The Murakami Lectures".
Stuart is the author of the short story collection "Ten Stories about Smoking" which won the London Award. His latest novel "If This is Home" is published by Picador.
A huge Murakami fan (Stuart introduced me to the great man's work when we worked together in the '90s), Stuart will present "The Murakami Lectures" a light hearted homage to the great man. 
8.15pm Dinner.
Traditional Japanese food will be served, by specialist local caterers. The menu will include; 
  • Futomaki  (thick sushi rolls).
  • Temaki (hand rolled sushi cones).
  • Miso Soup (a traditional Japanese soup, consisting of a stock called Dashi, in which is mixed Miso paste. Other ingredients change seasonally).
  • Gyoza (traditional meat or vegetable dumplings usually eaten with a dipping sauce).
9.00pm Evie Wyld  
Our second special guest is the brilliant Evie Wyld whose latest novel "All The Birds Singing" has become a multi award winner, having won The Encore Award (ahead of Booker Prize winner Eleanor Catton) a Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize and just a couple of weeks ago winning the Miles Franklin Literary Award.
She'll be reading an exclusive extract from "Colorless Tsukuru...", to whet your appetites
9.30pm "When Scott met Haruki"
Scott Pack, author, Friday Project publisher and blogger (Me and My Big Mouth), has met the illusive Haruki Murakami on four occasions. Scott will tell us stories (and there are some fabulous ones) from these meetings. 
10.00pm Film - I Hired a Contract Killer
We'll be showing a film by Aki Kaurismäki, Murakami's favouirte film director, the dark comedy "I Hired a Contract Killer".
After fifteen years' service, Henri Boulanger is made redundant from his job. Shocked, he attempts suicide, but can't go through with it, so he hires a contract killer in a seedy bar to murder him at some unspecified time in the future. But almost immediately he meets and falls in love with Margaret, a flower-seller, which makes Henri realise that his life has some meaning after all. But when he goes back to the bar to cancel the contract, he finds it has been demolished - and there's no way he can get in touch with the killer...
At midnight, we will then be able to give each guest a copy of the book, which they can take home. 
What an epic night this promises to be. 
Book tickets early, as these evenings have proved incredibly popular in the past and have sold out very quickly. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

The "help us pay our rent" 3 for 2 Promotion.

In a promotion we're calling
"Please help us pay our rent this month",
we're offering 3 for 2 on all books and toys whilst
England are in the World Cup
England began their bid to win the World Cup on Saturday June 14th, when they faced Italy. The tournament will end on Sunday July 13th. Will England still be there, despite their first result?
Manager Roy Hodgson inexplicably failed to name a single player from Bristol City in his squad but despite this the Big Green Bookshop will be giving the team its full support.
And for as long as England are still in with a chance to win the competition, we will be offering
on all books and toys
at both our shops.
Yes, you heard right.
The 3 for 2 applies to all books and toys we have in store (not special orders), the cheapest book is free and can't be used on vouchers and tokens.
The earliest England can go out of the tournament is Thursday 19th June (but that would involve some very unlikely results), but there's a chance that England could still be there in a month's time!
So, if you were intending to buy a couple of books to read over the Summer, we'd really appreciate it if you made the most of this rather excellent opportunity. 


There are still half a dozen tickets left for punk legend Viv Albertine's visit to the bookshop next Tuesday June 24th. More details of this can be found HERE

As ever, there's a whole load of stuff going on in the bookshop over the next few weeks, and today I shall be adding at least half a dozen new events that we're involved in onto the website. So keep checking in (details of our Comedy Night on June 27th have just been added).

Hope you have a lovely week and thanks for your amazing support. We wouldn't be here without our amazing customers.

Simon, Tim, Katie and Carmel.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Viv Albertine - June 24th

Tuesday June 24th 7.00pm
Viv Albertine in Conversation with Dorian Lynskey.
Tickets - £18 (with book included) BUY HERE
£7 (entrance only) BUY HERE 
What an incredible evening.
One of punks pioneers, Viv Albertine is one of a handful of people who changed music, and the discourse around it, forever.
After forming The Flowers of Romance with Sid Vicious in 1976, Viv found fame with The Slits and made musical history as one of the first generation of punk bands.
 In her new book Clothes….Music….Boys…. Viv tells the story of what it was like to be a girl at the height of punk: the sex, the drugs, the guys, the tours, the hard lessons learnt and those not considered. From Madonna to Lady Gaga, fashion to feminims, Viv Albertine has influenced a range of exceptional artists. Here, before and beyond the break-up of The Slits in 1982, is the full story of a life lived unscripted, with foolishness, bravery and great emotional honesty.
Viv wil be talking to Dorian Lynskey, music writer for the Guardian and Observer as well as magazines including Q, GQ and Mojo. Dorian is the author of 33 Revolutions Per Minute; a History of Protest Songs.
There will be a chance to ask Viv questions and she'll be happy to sign copies of her book.
Tickets for the evening are sure to go very fast, so please book early.
If you cannot make the event but would like a signed copy of the book posted (FREE P+P in the UK) you can purchase it HERE. 

Comedy - June 27th

Friday 27th June - 8.00pm – 11.00pm
Working Title Comedy Night with Nat Tapley's Margaret Thatcher Seance & Nish Kumar
Our comedy night goes from strength to strength, and remains at the budget busting  price of just five pounds (bring your own refreshments).
Appearing this month;
Nish Kumar
Nish is half of sketch duo the Gentlemen of Leisure, who made his Edinburgh Fringe debut in 2012. Early this year he performed at the Soho Theatre with his solo show "Who is Nish Kumar", which was described as follows…
 ‘This superb hour marks an astute solo debut…. he appears to have every trick in the book at his disposal.’
‘What an assured debut this is from Nish Kumar. A calling card which proves beyond doubt that he is already a skilled comic, preloaded with an hour of polished, gimmick-free stand-up guaranteed to do the job.’
We're thrilled he's going to be performing for us at the Big Green Bookshop.
Nathaniel Tapley
Nathaniel marked the anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's death by holding a séance at London's Leicester Square Theatre. Now he'll be performing this again for us at the Bookshop.
Nathaniel is best known as his alter ego Sir Ian Bowler MP but he'll be performing the séance as medium Melmoth Darkleigh.
Nathaniel explains "There will be a gigantic ouija board to answer the question Belgra-yes? or Belgra-no? Milk will vanish in front of the audience's eyes. Mrs Thatcher will pass on messages to the audience’s deceased pets. And we will discover the true circumstances of her death."
Your host for the evening is the marvellous Chris Brosnahan.
We would suggest that if you want to come along, you should buy tickets beforehand as it's likely to be VERY popular.
We hope you can make it. 

Monday, June 02, 2014

The Great Literary Talent Hunt

Saturday July 19th - 5pm-8pm
The Great Literary Talent Hunt – Laura West & Marigold Atkey from David Higham Associates
The Great Literary Talent Hunt continues, and we're once again delighted to offer budding authors a chance for a professional one on one consultation with a top literary agent. This time we’re thrilled to have Laura West and Marigold Atkey from David Higham Associates

How to take part:
1) To book a 10 minute slot you must purchase a ticket.
Tickets cost just £10 available HERE, or by contacting the Big Green Bookshop in person or via the phone (020 8881 6767).
2) Once you’ve purchased a ticket, you will need to submit an example of your work  (Laura and Marigold have suggested the forst three chapters of your book) and a plot outline. This will be read by the agents in advance of the session. Details of where to send this will be passed to you once you've bought a ticket.

Also, once your ticket is purchased you will be allocated a slot with either Laura or Marigold. They will have read your submission beforehand so that on the day you meet them they’ll be able to offer advice and guidance on what steps you should take in order to turn your writing dream into a reality.
Laura West
Laura is currently building a list of fiction and non-fiction with a strong interest in children’s books, young adult fiction, graphic novels, thrillers and cookery books.  *If anyone out there has a kids book set in space she’d love to see it!*  Laura is the agent for film critic Charlie Lyne, Coco Moodysson, the Swedish comic artist whose biographical Never Goodnight was adapted for the big screen as ‘We Are The Best’, illustrator Peter Utton and some new picture book illustrators and children’s writers too.  At David Higham Associates Laura works with Veronique Baxter and looks after, amongst others, Michael Morpurgo, Jenny Valentine, Edward Hogan and Sally Butcher.  Laura is also the Digital Manager at David Higham and in this capacity works with a wide-range of authors from across the agency including Rachel Abbott, the bestselling Kindle Author.
Marigold Atkey
Marigold is interested in literary fiction and women’s fiction.  She represents a growing clutch of novelists including the stand-up Liam Williams, while on the non-fiction side is the agent for Tilly, author of the bestselling ‘Love at First Stitch’, and has just sold ‘Confessions of a Tinderella’ to Random House.  In non-fiction, what links all her interests are those books written with a clear voice and sense of identity, be the book a cookbook, a memoir or a nature journal.  She works with Anthony Goff and Andrew Gordon at David Higham Associates so looks after, amongst others, J.M.Coetzee, Stephen Fry, Owen Jones and Jenn Ashworth.  Away from the DHA list, her dream authors are Jon McGregor, Robert Macfarlane and David Nicholls.
Understandably, these events sell out REALLY quickly, so get in quick.