Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Five Days

Christmas is coming early to the Big Green Bookshop.
Read on for 3 for 2 opportunities and news of the mighty Bookshop Marathon!
Over the next five days, we invite you to come along to the shop and pick up the perfect gift for the festive season.
Ding dong merrily on high..etc.

Yes, yes, we know it's September, but to be totally honest, we need to pay our rent next week and due to having £10,000 owed to us in outstanding invoices, it's gonna be a exciting tale of bookselling derring-do over the next few days in order to do so.

So, how can we tempt you into the shop?

Well, apart from all the delights we have here already (including a whole new batch of books and toys from Tuffet's), we have three exciting events for you over the next three days. 


Wednesday September 21st – 7.00pm sharp!
How to Pitch to a Literary Agent
With Hattie Grunewald from Blake Friedmann Agency.
An amazing opportunity for budding authors to learn some vital lessons on how to approach an agent when you’re pitching your book to them.


Thursday September 22nd - 7.00pm
An Evening with Alison Moore 
It’s with enormous pleasure that we welcome back Booker shortlisted novelist Alison Moore to the shop to mark the publication of her phenomenal new novel Death and the Seaside.

The day after tomorrow.

Friday September 23rd - 7.00pm
The Launch of "Wood Green" by Sean Rabin. 
Event details HERE (it's free!)
A Celebration of new Indie Publisher Dodo Ink, with Sean, Seraphina Madsen and Tom Tomaszewski!




Friday September 23rd

Bookshop Marathon

Tim has declared that on Friday, he will keep the shop open until we take £1000!
This can be over the counter, on the phone,or online sales and he will be taking his sleeping bag in on Friday morning. The last time we took £1000 on a Friday was December last year, so I think maybe the egg nog has gone to Tim's head.
So what better reason to buy your books here on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday! (mwa ha ha haa).

We'll be announcing more exciting offers nearer the weekend, so look out for that. 
In the meantime though....


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