Thursday, April 15, 2010

Goody Gumdrops

We're doing something rather exciting.
There's a lovely toy and gift shop in Crouch End, called Goody Gumdrops.
This is what it looks like
From Saturday April 24th, there's going to be a mini Big Green Bookshop in it! Yes, we're going to have a dedicated Childrens book section in the shop and we're all pretty flippin' excited about it.
So much so that Debbie (for it is she who owns Goody Gumdrops) and us are going to have a rather massive party to celebrate. Here's a poster...
EMMA CHICHESTER CLARK!!! she's responsible for these wonderful books among others;

And it wouldn't be a Big Green Bookshop celebration without Maisy would it?
There'll be goody bags for the first fifty book purchasers and also we've got fairy cakes.
The fun starts at midday and lasts until the end of time.


book publishers said...

What super book covers, I hadn't seen the one of alice and wonderland before - truly marvellous. Thank you so much!

Melissa said...

That looks like fun. Might drop by and get something for my baby cousin.