Sunday, July 11, 2010

First Among Equals

Means best, really. Doesn’t it?

We issued our first loyalty cards a couple of weeks ago. And it was brilliant.....

But someone has to be first, don’t they. Really, really first. In front of everyone else. Seb Coe when we still liked him. Front of the queue. Numero Uno. A number one. Top of the heap. King of the hill. Etc, etc.


This lovely lady was our first ever customer back in March 2008.

And this lovely lady is our first Loyalty Card holder.

Wait a minute.... Isn’t that?... Yes. It’s the same person. And I’m wearing the same watch.

This is Aysha, and – apart from being our first ever customer – she has been a loyal supporter of the shop ever since. In the last couple of years she has had a number of other firsts. She got married to Jonny and changed her name (not to Jonny, I hasten to add) she let us use her kitchen to mull wine for our first Christmas party, and she had baby Lily (the last two are not connected).

The loyalty card is really taking off, and we have already signed up over two hundred people. We have decided to have some kind of loyalty card celebration/offer/event when we hit Five Hundred.

More about my watch, grey hair and beard later.

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