Friday, February 25, 2011


Well, that was a bit of a day....

From the moment we let people know about our current situation things have gone haywire. We expected some kind of response, but we didn't realise how quickly things would take off.

Today has been our best Friday, er, ever and I don't think our email has ever been so busy.

I realise that this is just one day (and we need another 15 of these before we can relax a little), but the goodwill that has been shown has made me shed a tear on more than one occasion today.

We've tried to reply to all your messages, but if we haven't yet, then please understand, it's been very busy!

We shall try and keep you up to date with how we're getting on. The Bookseller, the Organ of the Book Trade (do they still use that subtitle) phoned us earlier to get the story for their magazine. I think the piece they did is great and it's attracted more and more people to the blog and website. The more comments that a Bookseller piece gets , the longer it tends to stay on the front page, so if anyone would like to offer a few words of support after the article then don't let me stop you.

Much like a Church Roof Fund, we have constructed a barometer that will give you some idea of how close to our target (our target being relatively safe). Day one has been awesome and we'll run the barometer all the way through until 'Gum Day'. This is Tuesday March 29th, the day that we are hoping that 350 excited children from lots of schools around Haringey will be meeting Andy Stanton, the author of the hilarious Mr Gum books, at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham. This is 32 days away.
This is the result on Day One.

An amazing 9% of our target has been reached in one single day. This is A GOOD THING.

We have the committee meeting on Sunday, which we're hoping will be well attended. This is where we are hoping to get together a group of our customers who will advise us on what direction the shop should go in future. More info can be found on our website here.

Then we have World Book Day next week where we'll be visiting 10 schools over the course of 2 days with 8 authors, which should be a lot of fun, and completely exhausting.

Most importantly though of course is that it's my son Ollie's first birthday next Wednesday, so we'll all be off out for a day of fun in a farm in Hertfordshire. I should probably let the farmer know about this.

And then the following week will be 'Buy One Extra Book' Week at the bookshop, which is what this whole campaign is leading up to.

So we have some exciting times in front of us. Please please keep reminding people that we're here. These next few weeks are so important.

(a less vague blogpost will be forthcoming when I have some sleep)

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Vanessa Robertson said...

Sorry to hear things are tough guys - fingers crossed all will be fine. In the meantime, I've bought a couple of books from your online operation - I don't know how profitable that it but it's a long way from Edinburgh. Brilliant choice - I chose a couple of books I hadn't seen before so if I like them they might be making an appearance in our shop.

And hopefully more people in Wood Green will learn of your existence and also realise that independent booksellers are like your kness - you have to look after us because you'll miss us when we're gone.

Courage, mon braves!