Sunday, August 21, 2011

Comedy Night Benefit Gig

Once a month we host a comedy night at the bookshop.
'A comedy night at the bookshop?', I hear you exclaim. '
Yes' I reply.
We started in March this year and if i'm honest, it's been rather flippin' successful. Brilliant comics have been doing some brilliant stuff, including Nick Sun, Lewis Schaffer, Dane Baptiste and Susan Murray.
The format is usually this:
Get to the bookshop at about 8pm
Turn up with booze.
Pay £3.
Sit down.
Listen and laugh to the lovely compere
Watch 3 different acts.
laugh a lot.
Compere returns.
Watch 3 more acts.
Laugh more.
(buy some books if you feel like it).
mingle a bit more, and either;
Go to the pub, or
Go home.

So that's the set up.
Well anyway, this month's Comedy Night was a Benefit Gig.
 Our compere, Chris Brosnahan..
This is Chris with a Light Sabre (of course)
..suggested to me that we could do a benefit gig for the residents and businesses affected by the riots in Tottenham. he's quite clever like that, and so we did.
And it was AMAZING!!!
We decided for this one off special gig, we should make tickets a fiver and also we made them available to pre-order.
The tickets sold out quickety quick quick, and we knew it was going to be a pretty full house.
And so the audience arrived.

The audience is ready (before the lights went down)
We manged to squeeze another 15-20 people in after this too, such was the popularity of the night.
The Comedians
(photos are courtesy of Daniel Dyer)
Dave Rego (pun filth)
Johnny Armstrong (pun filth plus insanity)

Robert Commiskey (US of Amazing. Look out for him btw)

Babatunde (who blew the audience away.I've had emails since telling me how much people enjoyed his stuff)

Peter Dillon Trenchard. Geek genius. (I thought he was super ace and he wore a Tom Baker T-shirt!) 

And our Headliner
Sir Ian Bowler MP (aka Natt Tapley), who "finished the evening off" in style.

It really was a special night and we want to say thanks to everyone who helped out, and donated money.
The total that you lot gave was
Thank you
This will make things a bit easier for the homeless and busniessless people of Tottenham, so thanks.

Hope to see you at the next Comedy Night on September 16th. x

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Caspargrindcore said...

See you on the 16th! Im exited.