Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Card Competition. YOU DECIDE.

OK. We ran a Christmas Card Competition, where we asked children to design a christmas card for us. The winning six entries are going to be made into cards and sold at the Big Green Bookshop in packs. Also the six winners will each receive a £10 Big Green Bookshop Voucher to spend at the shop.
The overall winner will receive a £50 Big green Bookshop Voucher. Yes, it's crazy, I know.

We had lots of entries. Over 600.  

We want to say how brilliant the cards were and also a huge thankyou to everyone who entered, it was great fun looking at your cards. We will be displaying as many as we can at the bookshop over Christmas, so do come in and have a look at them.
But, we had to make a decision and, hard as it was we chose the 6 winners. But now what we want to do is to let YOU decide who will be the overall winner of the competition. The six winners are displayed here and at the top right of this blog there is a thing where you can vote for the card you think is the best. Please take a minute or so to do this and also if you can, please share this post with anyone else who might be interested.
Image 1. The Three Kings

Image 2. The Snowman

Image 3. The Penguin

Image 4. Santa in his Sleigh

Image 5. Mrs Santa (?)

Image 6. Child and Christmas Tree

Right, there are the 6 winning cards that we're going to make into real Christmas cards and sell at the bookshop. Congratulations to all 6 winners.
But now it's up to you to choose the overall winner, who'll get the £50 voucher.
Voting Closes at midday on Saturday 26th November, and the winner will be officially announced on Monday 28th.



Tamasin Fay said...

I vote for the pengun.

sweet without sugar said...

I don't mind St Nicholas, but he's not what Christmas is about. The only one I would consider buying is image one, but that is Epiphany. Image 2 is the nicest drawing, but very few people I know would buy or send that. Had it been a winter festival card competition these are exactly what I'd be looking for.

Anonymous said...

Bit of a shame that all your images are secular :(
Would have been nice to have one that wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Sorry re last comment 'puter error meant that I was cut off.

... Tho the Magi are a religious image they are not a Christmas one as they are celebrated at Epiphany (dependent on the message inside they could be suitable for thank you notes tho!)

Simon Key said...

Tamasin, you are not alone. The penguin seems to be stroming it at the moment.
Sweet without sugar & anonymous, thanks for your thoughts. The card designs were the ones that the judges decided were the most appealing. Whilst you may disagree with this, I think that they fit rather well with the philosophy of the bookshop. They show happy scenes and they offer a positive view. I think that the children who entered this competition have done a fantastic job.

Isabel Losada said...

The Penguin has it. Wonderful and equally suitable for adults or children. Lovely. x i

Mandy said...

I'm voting penguin! So simple and bold and let's face it, we all love penguins. I mean they're really people with wings and that waddle. And I obviously haven't had enough fresh air today!

Anonymous said...

Where do I vote? Penguin!

Anna Meryt said...

I vote for No. 6 - love the clear fresh colours, No 1 is my second choice

Anonymous said...

I'm going with the penguin too. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Penguin for me too

Anonymous said...

Penguin. Obvs.

Voltaire said...

Love the snowman (2) myself but whoever wins they're all great and it's great they are getting printed.... well done everyone who entered!