Monday, September 16, 2013

Booker Prize - Rule Changes

Rumour has it they're going to be changing the rules of the Man Booker Prize.

It says so on the BBC News website, so it must be true...

It looks like American novelists will be allowed to enter the Man Booker prize from next year. 
Some people think it's a great idea and some people think it's a rubbish idea. 
This is what I think. 

Men should be allowed to enter the Bailey's (Orange) Prize

The Costa Book Prize should also allow writers from all over the world to be eligible. 

The Guardian First book Award, shouldn't open it's doors to people who've already written a novel.

The Forward Prize for poetry should now allow all genres to enter, not just poetry.  

Oh, and They should allow other teams, as well as Australia and England to contest the Ashes, teams outside Europe should be allowed to play in the European Cup, I'd like to run for presidency of America please. 

Those are the rules!
 They've been the rules since the prize started, so why change them now. There's no point. Oh yes, there is a point. Some advertisers, sponsors and a handful of already rich people in the book industry will get a little bit richer. 

Hey, I know. Let's get rid of the judges next and decide by public vote. Even better, let's not worry about the books and get them to dance or sing for our votes. 

The Booker Prize is (for all its faults) the most important Literary Prize in the UK. I worry that if the decision was made to change the entry criteria, it would dilute what the Booker Prize means.


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