Sunday, October 06, 2013

Local Advice

Here's the situation.

One of the Venues we had arranged four events in at the Wood Green Literary Festival has suddenly "closed until further notice". They can't guarantee they're going to be open again before next weekend, so we need a new venue.


We had one event planned for Friday evening, one for Sunday evening and two for the daytime on either Saturday or Sunday.

We've tried to move stuff around, but there are two events that we are struggling to accommodate.

Can someone suggest a venue (preferably a pub/bar/licensed premises) that has a function room or similar, near or in Wood Green.

I'm pretty sure the Salisbury is booked out already, so any other options would be most welcome.
It needs to be as close to Wood Green High Road as possible.


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Anonymous said...

What about the Langham Working Men's Club, on Green Lanes slightly further up towards Wood Green than the Salisbury. Often mentioned on Harringay Online.