Thursday, April 24, 2014

Big Green Bookswap. Mike Carey & Joel Meadows

Wednesday April 30th - 7.30pm
The Big Green Bookswap, with Mike Carey and Joel Meadows

 A glorious evening of entertainment and literary chat at the Great Northern Railway Tavern on Hornsey High Street (N8 7QB).

This is a different kind of book event, so expect the unexpected. Here are the rules.

1. Bring along with you a book which you’re prepared to swap for another.
2. Have a drink.
3. Prepare to be entertained.

Those are the rules.

This month’s special guests.

Mike Carey.
Mike Carey got into writing through comic books, where his horror/fantasy series Lucifer garnered numerous international awards and was nominated for five Eisners. From there he moved into novels and screenplays, while still maintaining a presence in the comics world.
His brilliant Felix Castor books are a consistently bestselling series in the shop.
Imagine the Raymond Chandler novels if L.A. was London and Marlowe were an exorcist. Castor is a flawed but mostly likeable man who’s trying to do the right thing in a world that often makes the right thing more or less impossible. He makes his living as an exorcist, but from as early as the first book he starts to have doubts about what he’s doing and to shift his sympathies from the living to the dead. It’s not easy being an exorcist with those sort of scruples.
All of this is against the backdrop of a world where the dead have started to rise in serious numbers. There are ghosts, zombies, even were-creatures, so there’s a big demand for exorcists, and there‘s money to be made if you know what you’re doing....
His new novel is The Girl With All the Gifts.
Joel Meadows.
In 1992, Joel and his neighbour Simon Teff launched the first issue of TRIPWIRE. It went on to become the UK’s best-loved comics and genre magazine.
Featuring interviews and articles by such luminaries as Bryan Moore, Terry Gilliam, Matt Groening and Will Eisner, the magazine has garnished heaps of praise from everyone in the business.

“Still the coolest magazine on the planet..” – IAN RANKIN 

“Amazing, gratifying. A pleasure to look at, a pleasure to read..” – MICHAEL MOORCOCK

“The touchstone of comic book culture in the UK” – GUILLERMO DEL TORO

Mike and Joel will be joining to discuss…well anything you want them to. That's the nature of the Big Green Bookswap.

Tickets, priced at just £3, are now available. HERE.
We hope you can make it


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