Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Civilised Saturday

This year, a number of Bookshops are holding what is being described as "Civilised Saturday", which is being sold as "an antithesis to Black Friday.
Now, I'm all for a bit of civilised behaviour, but as a business, i'd be absolutely delighted if the shop was completely mobbed out with customers all day on Friday, picking up lots and lots of brilliant books.
(artist's impression)

I kind of understand the idea of "Civilised Saturday", which is why we're holding Sausage Saturday (a chance for people to spend lots of money here and also enjoy some lovely food supplied by local businesses), but I think that any opportunity should be taken advantage of.
Sorry if this seems a bit greedy, but as well as being a lovely bookshop that tries to support and celebrate its local area, we are also a shop who wants to be profitable and BUSY.
So maybe, just maybe, we'll be offering a few tasty little bargains on Friday too.
Shoot me (don't shoot me).

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