Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's Not that difficult Being Green


we had a very special visitor in the shop last night. Sian Berry, the Green Party candidate for Mayor of London popped in to say hello, and to sign copies of her books about living a greener lifestyle. We'd have loved to have been able to get more people to come and say hello, but we only had a day or two to tell people.... and it was a Friday night for goodness sake.
She seemed to have a good time, despite a few mad moments (when I say moments, I mean people walking in and saying things like 'I'm going to be dead in 20 years, so why do I care about the environment'), but Sian and Gary Dunion (the chief press officer of the Green Party) we're brilliant, and stuck around for a good long time.
Am I allowed to say that on May 1st the people of London have a very difficult choice? (the opinion that's about to follow is not necessarily the opinion of the Big Green Bookshop)
Boris is the favourite. And his fake buffoonery can't hide the horrific and dangerous twat that he really is. Ken should have had it in the bag, but he seems to have forgotten the reasons he got voted in originally, and deserves to get a real kick up the arse. Paddick is a wasted opportunity for the Lib Dems,and with Ken and Boris as competitors thet could have found a real star to take them on, but instead came up with a grey grey man, who(so what) used to be a copper.
The 'smaller' parties could make a real difference this time. And my big worry is the parties like UKIP and the BNP will find themselves with members in the London Assembly. And although she won't win, Sian Berry is not such a bad vote, when you think about it (and if you have a voting card, it would be a good idea to think about it). I've met polititians, oh yes i've met politicians...
but Sian Berry wasn't a typical politician. She was someone who was actually saying exactly what she thought. It was obvious that what she said was exactly what she believed. And it was very refreshing to listen to. And very very rare in a politician.
Anyhow, enough of that.
Here's some pictures of the shop..

And here's a bit of classic Jack Kirby art which is celebrated in a new book. Buy it, because it is quite wonderful, and Jack Kirby changed the whole face of comics. Or don't buy it if you don't want to...

A customer gave us a bottle of wine today.


Akasha Savage said...

Just popped across to look at your blog...haven't visited for a couple of weeks. Glad to see all appears to be going okay. Love the photos of the shop...looks just like a 'bought' one!!

Anonymous said...

shop looks great! and thanks for the bit about jack kirby!