Monday, April 21, 2008

Superfly Guy


I've spent 5 hours today putting flyers through people's doors. I think I did about 1200 flyers. My feet are a little sore, and I have a twinge in my left side. Poor little me. Only 2 mental dogs today. And one 'comedian' who said to me 'just put it in the recycling son, co's if you don't I will'. Two people banged on their windows and wagged their fingers at me. One man shouted 'shut the gate' at me, and I still can't decide whether to put the flyer through the doors that say 'no junk mail'. In my opinion this mail isn't junk. It's an invitation to visit the greatest place in North London, where the sun always shines and the birds always whistle a happy tune. I don't put the flyers through their doors though.

We've got to do about another 10,000 houses I reckon, which means about 20,000 flyers. That ought to cover most of the people who's new nearest bookshop is us.

We've got a book launch on Wednesday. Mark Wagstaff will be being patted on the back and cheered heartily for his new book 'The Canal'. It should be a good laugh.

We've also invited every single teacher in Haringey to join us for an evening on Thursday. If they all turn up there should be well over 2000 people turning up. My guess is we'll get about 15. There's a teacher's strike on Thursday and so I imagine the other 1985 will be on the picket line. Either way, we've bought some Pringles and 2 bottles of Lambrusco, so it should be a right old knees up.

And, following our visit from Sian Berry, the Green Party candidate for Mayor of London, we're on their new website Greensmeanbusiness. There's also more Youtube action from Tim and I here. We're on at about 2 mins 30, although the woman who was on before us was far more interesting. And my hair looked awful. Now you know why I always wear a hat.

I was also lucky enough to be invited to the awards ceremony of the 6th Wood Green International Film Festival
This has now become a major part of the short film calendar, and it is the brainchild of Carol Kennedy. Carol (or Kaz) is the Town Centre manager and a huge inspiration for anyone who has time for Wood Green. She really understands how special this little place in North London is, and as she's leaving at the end of the month to pursue her own film making dreams, we'll really miss her.
This is one of the winning entries. It's a song called I Just Wanna Dance by a band called At The Zoo.
It was a great evening, and makes me love Wood Green even more. You should all come and visit.


Flaming Nora said...

I am a big fan of the Big Green Bookshop and champion your cause whenever I can! I'm also a fan of the La Kera restaurant in Wood Green and its poetry and poppadums night once a month. I see a connection: books, poety... why not see if you can advertise there and vice versa and get Wood Green on the literary map of North London?

lucyfishwife said...

We will only visit if you play one of our two favourite bookshop songs - "ISBN a hard day's night" and Paul Simon's clssic "50 ways to lose your order".

lucyfishwife said...

... Oh and "(When I Think About You) I Dust My Shelf" by the DiVinyls.
Don't mind me, I make my own fun.