Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday is Tiswas Day...No wait


It's Party time at the Big Green bookshop.
For those of you who are on our Facebook Group, you know it baby.

We've been open now for 109 days, and we thought it was high time we thanked the people who have supported/helped/followed us through all this bookshop type shinanigans. So we're having a party tonight with cake and everything. We sent an invitation to Haruki, but I don't know if he can make it.
Also we're giving 10% off to our facebook group this weekend. All they have to do is say the words....well you'll have to join the group to find out.

Oh, by the way, sorry I've been a bit rubbish at posting recently. But to catch up

we had the very funny Clare Summerskill in the shop for an evening of stand up and a bit of sit down comedy. She's produced a book featuring some of her monologues and stories, and The Big Green Bookshop was lucky enough to host this very successful event.
I have pictures at home, but I'm at work, so i'll add 'em later.

I was also asked by Omnibus/Music sales limited to join them last week for a meeting to discuss possible future publications. I wasn't sure what to expect, and I gingerly entered their offices on Berner's street, I was escorted to the 6th Floor (a floor you couldn't get to without a special key!) I was introduced to a dozen people including Barry Miles (who I suspect knows more about music than Paul Gambachini), Barrie Edwards, the president of Music Sales Corp, and many more luminaries of the music industry. It was a pretty fascinating couple of hours, as people discussed the merits of 'a book about a roadie for an unnamed supergroup' and a reprint of a classic kate bush biography amongst other things. It was encouraging that a publisher had the foresight to ask a bookseller to a meeting like this, and also that they listened to my opinion. I'm no expert, but I suppose being on the frontline (so to speak) gives me an insight of what sells and doesn't, and I hope I was of some use. I'm hoping they'll ask me again.

I notice that this here blog has been mentioned in the Guardian today. That's the papery version aswell as the magic internet version. How marvellous is that.
If you've found us through the medium of newspaper, then hello, and welcome.

We've got an evening of Cornish Poetry on Thursday. Never before has Wood Green experienced such a thing, I think. This is what I've written on the advert for it.

Tim Saunders is one of the most important figures in the modern revival of the Cornish language and the best-known poet writing in the language. He has also edited a number of anthologies of Cornish literature. Tim will be reading from his collection The High Tide, available on the night at only £9.99. He will also be reading poems in Cornish from the anthologies The Wheel and Nothing Broken. He will be happy to answer questions about the language and the inspiration for his poetry. There are very few opportunities to experience evenings like this, and I must stress that there will be an english interpretation of Tim's poetry on the night. This is a free event, and there will be refreshments (no, not pasties).

By the response we've had so far, I reckon the shop might be jammed.

That is all for now, except to say that I'm not gambling on any more footie matches this week...


jonathan said...

Was just emailed link to website. Many, many congratulations. Being just a tad jealous, why don't I have a bookshop &c, won't stop me from making the trek to buy some books.

Debi said...

Just heard about you from The Man Who Fell Asleep. Wishing you the very best of luck with the shop. It's a hard time for indies but at least you know you're loved by authors and readers alike!