Sunday, June 15, 2008

A week of events at the Big Green Bookshop


i've just finished my 12th day in a row. I love it at the Bookshop they call Big Green. I seem to have neglected taking photo's this week very much, despite having 10authors over 5 different events. So I may have to add some pictures that aren't exactly authentic to the events. We'll see how we go.

So, on Tuesday we had an evening called Gaslit Vices where 4 crime auth... actually you can read this poster.

a lovely evening with knowledgable and charming guests.

On Thursday it was the turn of L C Tyler, author of the Herring Sellers Apprentice and Alison Joseph, author of the Sister Agnes series of crime novels to join us. They read from and answered questions about their books and once again, the evening was great fun and very informative. I also found out that Alison used to have singing lessons from Tim's mum.

Friday was the final day of Crime Week in Wood Green, and we had the pleasure of Christopher Fowler's company. Chris was there to read from his brilliant Bryant and May detective series of books and Tim tells me he was superb and the evening was a veritable hit. I would write lots more wonderful things about the evening but such is the demand for The Big Green Bookshop, I was selling books at another event. This time Katie and I were in Regent's Park for the sort of launch of Mark Watson's book 'Crap at the Environment'. Hodder decided that they would have a kind of Fete in the park to celebrate the launch, and we were asked to sell the books there. I would say that it was more like a big picnic, with cake, cornflake cakes, gin, dandelion and burdock, and games.
There was a 3 legged race
Mark seemed to enjoy it. He's the one in pain on the left...

There was also a dangerous sack race, which thankfully ended without any permanent damage to the atheletes

the rain stayed away and we sold his book from our suitcase (you can just see a green and white balloon in the background of this picture. That was us..

as the sky bruised, we hurried off to the pub, for drinks and suchlike. A good day all in all, and the end of a busy and very fruitful week.
Thanks to all the authors who came along to the shop, it seems that the Wood Green residents are beginning to get used to the idea that there's now stuff to do in the area apart from going to the pub. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

I haven't finished yet, because on Saturday, Karen McCombie came to visit the shop again to chat to our customers about her great kids books. I really should start using the camera again. I must thank Kirsy Lawrenz very very much for sending me the Mark Watson photos to put on the blog. They're great.

I'll save our battle with the council until next week.

And i've been asked to add our events programme to the blog, so i'll try and add a tab somewhere where you can read about what's going on.

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