Wednesday, September 03, 2008

In Local News

Woolworth's is closing in the local shopping centre. It's 22,000 sq feet, so you could fit 32 Big Green Bookshops into it. If you were stupid.
What a huge shop!
It opened 7 years ago, next door to Wilkinson's, which is a bit like opening a Wetherspoon's next to a Yate's. It is frankly a horrible shop, and is always in an awful state, you can't find anything and the supervisors stand around on the shopfloor holding their bollocks, swearing loudly, and talking about how fast their cars go. I sound like a letter on Points of View don't i? The shopfloor staff who don't hold their bollocks are nice though, but there's usually 3 of them who've been told to stay on a till that no-one goes to, and usually one of the ball botherers is flirting painfully badly with another one who's trying to do some work.

It comes as no surprise that it's closing down, and it has little to do with the 'credit crunch'. It's pretty much down to the dreadful management and their lack of understanding of what it means to manage a shop.
Or (perhaps) it's because they don't care (perhaps) because they haven't been motivated. That's always a good excuse isn't it?

If you get to become a supervisor/manager you should be motivated or you should leave. Don't blame everyone else. You decided to go for the job, and you should want to do it. When you don't want to do it any more you should leave. Don't blame everyone else. Have a bit of pride.

Right, i'm off to the Wetherspoon's.


Anonymous said...

Are you stocking my book?

martin said...

Sure you don't fancy a pint in Yates's?

Oh, wait...

Flaming Nora said...

I rate Wilkos. It's the new Woolies.

Lucy Coats said...

Marvellous alliteration with the ball botherers. But unfortunately I now can't get the image out of my head.... Not what I wanted on a rainy Saturday afternoon--I shall have to go and write something soothing about fairies to take my mind off it.

Bernie said...

They keep their hands in view in the Crouch End branch.