Friday, October 10, 2008

Aaaaahhhh Briscoe!

Constance Briscoe came to see us last night.
She wrote a book called Ugly, about her awful childhood and the way she was abused by her Mum. She's sold 1.2 million copies of the book. She then wrote a book called Beyond Ugly about stuff after the stuff in her first book. That was the book that we were selling last night.
The shop was full and Constance was marvellous. She's now a judge and a very sucessful person. To a lot of the audience she's an inspiration, and she didn't let them down. She was funny, articulate, confident and she knows exactly what she's doing.
There's been some bother about the publication of the book, what with her mother taking her to court and all that, and Constance made it clear that the audience could ask her absolutely anything... they did.
There was a heated discussion about why she wouldn't forgive her mother which was looking quite interesting until 'in the Bible it says...' was introduced. It's always tricky when that happens, but Constance showed her barrister-like credentials and the fans of Briscoe weren't let down.
We sold some copies, despite WHSmith having been selling them for £2.99 (when you buy any magazine or periodical. Not in conjunction with any other offer. Terms and conditions apply. Offer not available in all stores, for full terms and conditions please check our website), and it was a good fun night.

Fridays are 'my work at home' day. Tim and I have 2 days each in the week where we can be away from the shop (if nothing else is happening, which is hardly ever). One of these we can deem as a day off, and one of these is a day when we can get on with all the things that it's easier to do away from the shop, like marketing, accounts or visiting schools (or sleeping). Today Freya and I put together an article for a student magazine and also we had a piece to do for a book that's coming out next year.
As you can see by the photo Freya's not very happy about what i've just written, but it all ended up OK.

We're off to Dartmouth next Tuesday for a lovely short break. If anyone cares...

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Anonymous said...

i like that picture of you working at home. your baby is screaming, "daddy! go to!!

and btw constance briscoe rocks.

keep on selling!