Wednesday, October 08, 2008


we've got Constance Briscoe joining us for an evening of misery memoir magic. It's all quite exciting, as we'd sorted out a signing with her at the Wartystones in Wood Green just before they closed last year , so it's lovely that she's coming to join us in our little shop. We've been oversubscribed with punters determined to share the sadness and meet the queen of the tragedy, so I think it'll be standing room only again.
Thanks Constance.

we've got some tasty events over the next couple of months, of which one or two are a bit hush hush at the moment, but i can announce this one....

Thursday 13th November 6.30pm So, last month we hosted an evening with the wonderful Bill Drummond, and this month sees another legend perform at the Big Green Bookshop.

John Sinclair, performance poet, jazz aficionado, former manager of the MC5, Oh yes want more?

co founder of the White Panther Party and the man John Lennon wrote a song about, will be appearing to celebrate the launch of two books both published by HeadPress.
Firstly John will be performing and talking about ‘It’s All Good; the John Sinclair reader', not published until April next year (!) ,but exclusively available on the night. We will also be celebrating the launch of ‘HeadPress 28, The Gospel According to Unpopular Culture’, which is edited by Mr Sinclair, and marks the 40th anniversary of the original White Panther movement. Both books will be available on the night.
You'd better get there early, that's all i'm saying....

Haruki, we're still waiting for any kind of reply. I reckon we could squeeze you in next Feb/March. What do you reckon?

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Mark Thornton said...

Wow - major kudos with John Sinclair. I did a bizarre job in Ann Arbor one Summer, the guy was a legend there.

I wonder what it must have been like to have been in the Grande Ballroom for those MC5 sessions back in '67/'68 (days before punk, etc,). Must have done your f**king head in. A bit like listening to the Beatles' "Day in the Life" for the first time. Things would never be the same again...