Saturday, November 15, 2008

John Sinclair is big leggy

Thursday saw the much anticipated visit of the legendary John Sinclair to the legendary Big Green Bookshop. The hardest working poet/ jazz afficionado/ doobie smoker/ founder of the White Panther movement in showbusiness was not to dissapoint anyone on the night. He may have startled the 9year old girl who turned up with her mother to wish Happy Birthday to her sister (who didn't show up), but I don't think she was dissapointed.
John Sinclair has the kind of voice that comes from a lifetime of living, and his poetry drawled and burst from him with an exuhberence and a confidence that clearly comes from somebody who truly lives the life he wants to. He's clearly a very contented person (and considerably taller than i'd suspected), and he ran through a series of poems demonstrating his colourful life. He was more then ably assisted by the very very talented freeofrm jazz bass player Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, who was lucky enough to be in the country this week.
Here they both are..
Many thanks to Headpress, John, Jair-Rohm and the audience for making it a lovely night.

The shop's looking lovely at the moment. You really should all visit and spend a fortune on all the books we've got in to tempt you.
No really.

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