Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's busy in and around the bookshop at the moment. And despite having nothing to compare it to, sales seem to be rather good. We've had a succession of 4 figure days, although one or two of these have been helped by big cheques arriving from schools from account orders. It all counts though, and we may be able to afford some heating soon.

Our kids reading group have chosen one of my favourite festive books for December. It's only The Box Of Delights I so want them to enjoy the book. It'll be interesting to see if the discerning readers of today find that the magic that I found in the book is still there.

We had the lovely lively legend Sam Enthoven in for Big Green Wednesday today. Despite a rotten cold ( an occupational hazard when you work in close proximity with kids), Sam was super fun and kept everyone entertained with passages from his books. He also answered swathes of questions without sneezing on anyone on the front row. Thanks Sam.

I've torn a muscle in my back today, which hurts, but the show must go on. I'm in the middle of a 32 day stretch at work at the moment, so we can't let incapacity put us off can we?

I've had quite a number of phone calls recently from different websites/magazines etc asking whether the Woolworths situation has affected the supply of books from our distributors. For those who don't know, Woolworths placed its stores in administration recently. Although Bertram books (one of our big distributors) was part of the Woolworths gang, it operated outside the group, so it's business as usual.
Well, much to the frustration of the people who phoned, there really hasn't been any difference with the book supply from Bertrams, who have been as good as ever with deliveries etc.
I do wish people would show as much interest in things when they were going well, rather than look for negative stories all the time. I'm pretty sick of people going on about the credit crunch and the like. I seem to remember when Northern Rock were having all that fun last year, that if the press hadn't made such a massive deal of it, then the whole 'run on the bank' thing might not have happened.

Let's all try and look for positives shall we. It's much nicer that way. 'shut up, you bloody hippie'

My friend Phil (he's the one opening the champagne in the video) is one half of a band called Honeygene. They've only gone and done a really catchy xmas song, with a cheesy video to go with it.It's rather jolly isn't it?

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