Sunday, December 21, 2008

Things we've been too busy to tell you that have happened over the last month or so....

1. Tim's varicose vein exploded about 2 weeks ago.
2. Tim got hit by a car last week. In Hackney. By a taxi. He now has a limp.
3. Whilst putting up the decorations outside the shop up a ladder, Tim electrocuted himself. It was (for me anyway) rather worrying, watching him shudder flinch, shake and bend over double on a stepladder. Then when I realised he was alive, it was all rather amusing. If you've ever watched Harold Lloyd you'll understand.
4. We've set up a train track above the kid's section on top of some perspex, so that you can look up and watch Thomas the Tank Engine chugging around in circles.
5. I now wear a hairband, which Tim didn't mention for 4 days, which was 25 times worse than Tim ripping the piss out of me relentlessly the moment he saw it.
6. Freya now has 2 teeth.
7. The council have told us to take our sign at the end of the road down again.
8. Having no heating in the shop is fairly miserable, so we're pretty relieved that the weather is now a much more tolerable 12oC.
9. The banks should really stock up more on pound coins.
10. and fivers
11. Not paying publishers immediately at the moment seems to encourage more than the usual wrath. Sorry publishers, we don't mean it...
12. Rubber Ducks that change colour when put in the bath are a very popular add on sale in a bookshop.
13. Wrapping paper won't sell if you display it in a place in the shop that nobody can find.
14. Thinking you can put on lots of events in December is living in a fools paradise. Mince Pies and Mulled Wine on Monday though though.


Alis said...

Poor Tim! Get better soon...

Anonymous said...

Poor Tim! though I'm glad to see that there was no sign of agony or limpness at your party last night! Very many thanks for the wine, congrats on a fantastic 2008, here's to an even better 2009 and HAPPY CHRISTMAS! love, Rosemary

Andrea said...

Hope you're all cured and de-frazzled again soon, Tim!
Simon- get some sleep!

Alis said...

A very happy Christmas to all at the Big Green Bookshop and their nearest and dearest!

Rachella said...

What is wrong with the council? They won't allow a perfectly acceptable sign, but they turn a blind eye to people ruining Noel Park (a conservation zone, BTW) with plastic windows and enclosed porches.