Monday, February 02, 2009

Write a blog today without using the word 'Sno....

The man who's walking in the air.
Orhan Pamuk's bestselling book
Cocaine is often referred to as this
It's a popular beer in China
Lepoards, Lions and Rabbits can all be prefixed with this
John ..., the English fast bowler of the seventies
C P ...., Scientist and novelist
there won't be any in Africa this Christmas
.... Patrol. Dreadful Scottish band, the reason the 'skip' button was invented.
It's falling on Cedars
Miss Smilla had feelings for it
Bryan Tyler played him in cult classic film 'The Warriors'
It can be artificial
Peas, drops and drifts.
It's Lola's favourite and her best.
It's a place in Bosworth, Missouri (64623)
It's a place in Hixton Wisconsin (54635)
It's a place is Berrien, Michigan (49101)
...books, a marvellous independent publishers.

I'll stop now. I do tend to drift occasionaly.


Lucy Coats said...

I salute your knowledge of the word we're not using, Simon. But I disagree about your use of the skip button for the ....Patrol. I shall now go and make some Apple .... with the remainder of last autumn's fruit to celebrate the '.... Event'.

Mark Thornton said...

Canadian White Rapper. I shamefully bought his 12" back in the 80s...

PLUGE said...

Regarding the Patrol - try their earlier stuff, before they turned into an epic bland stadium band.