Sunday, February 15, 2009

You're so Vein, you probably think this op is about you.

Tim had a varicose vein removed yesterday (as well as quarter of his pubic hair, so he enjoyed informing me). He did go to hospital and everything. He might be good at DIY, but I think even this kind of thing was a bit beyond his capabilities.
He is therefore out of action for a few days as he learns how to cycle without screaming, and catches up with all the paperwork that he's promised to do at home.

So the shop is all mine, Mine MINE!! MWAH Ha Ha Ha Ha !!

The voting in the 'What films shall we show to highlight the Wood Green Short Film Festival' was furious and there are 2 clear winners;
1. Persepolis - Based on the brilliant graphic novel by Mariane Satrapi, this is a poignant coming-of-age story based around a precocious and outspoken young Iranian girl that begins during the Islamic Revolution.
2. The Princess Bride - You think that I can summarise this film in 2 sentences?
Heroes, giants, villains, wizards, true love, but not just your basic, average, everyday, ordinary, run-of-the-mill fairy tale. It’s the kind of film that, no matter how many times you’ve seen it, you still enjoy every wonderful scene.

So, we'll be showing those on Monday March 16th and Thursday March 19th respectively. We have 2 more films that we're going to show, and they are;

Wednesday 18th March. The Power of Community- An inspirational story of how the people of Cuba survived the loss of access to oil imports after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s. They had to become predominantly self-sufficient in food and other products, and change their economy and lifestyles quickly - yet this was an opportunity for a remarkable re-birth of community spirit. Could it happen here?
we've teamed up with the Sustainable Haringey Network to bring you this film. Sustainable Haringey is an independent informal network for everybody who wants to make Haringey a more sustainable place to be. It brings together groups and individuals who are already making positive contributions, as well as welcoming and encouraging those who would like to do more, or to find out how to.
Friday 20th March. Napoleon Dynamite. This celebration of geek chic splits opinion, but we want to cheer the nerd and hail the awkwardness of adolescence. Heck yes we do! How can our heavy lidded hero win the day? With num-chucks and ligers of course! 82 minutes of understated wonder. We think you might enjoy this.

Anyway, that's what's happening, and it's all free. So Put it in your diaries and come along. All films start at 7.00pm, but get there early to ensure you get the best seats.
On Friday Katie and I baked some almond biscuits and orange biscuits in the shape of hearts

which I gave out to our customers yesterday. Aren't we lovely? We also sold our first copy of the Joy of Sex.
I had a reply from Japan from my email asking if Haruki Murakami was available for an event. here it is.

Dear Simon Key:

Thank you.

Although it is an honour for Mr. Murakami to have won the poll, he is not able to visit England for the time being.

If he has a chance to be there in the future, I guess he shall be willing to comply.

All best,

Txxxxx Sxxxx

I take this as a positive, and will be moving to stage 2 of operation 'Get Haruki Murakami to the Big Green Bookshop'. More details coming up.

On Friday evening, following a very kind invitation, I joined Greg Stekelman
(he wrote a book and we sell lots of it) in a north london pub to help celebrate his birthday. I drank lager and talked to strangers, and had a thoroughly lovely time. He told me that I should link an interview that he did with li'l ol' me on his blog a few weeks ago, so here's the link.

Tomorrow is all about finalising event dates and getting the newsletter out to people on the mailing list.

confirmed so far are

Tom Hodgkinson (March 17th) Talking about The Idle Parent

Karen Maitland (March ?) talking about the brilliant brilliant Company of Liars, as reviewed by us here, and her new Hardback The Owl Killers.

Will Self (June 10th) I suspect he'll be talking about 'just out in paperback' Liver, and anything else he has on his mind.

Joseph D'Lacey and Bill Hussey (May ?) Horrrror with 4 or 5 Rs, they will be joining us to discuss and celebrate their new titles The Garbage Man and The Absence.

There's also Jake Arnott, Mark Billingham, Christopher Brookmyre (all agreed, just awaiting dates) and lots lots more, so keep it Big and Green my lovelies. We're really really trying hard to make this year as exciting as possible.

There's also our first birthday coming up, and we want it to be a cracker. (If anyone fancies themselves as the kind of person who's willing to dress up a Childrens' character rhyming with 'Lazy House' for an hour please email me). There'll be lots of fun for everyone, and we'll give more info out nearer the time.

By the way kids, we've spoken to Maisy Mouse and she said that she'd be delighted to come and visit us to help us celebrate our first birthday!!

Time for tea...


Anonymous said...

Read something interesting the other day about napoleon dynamite

Apparently there is some international competition to improve the accuracy of those awful if you liked then you'll like search engines by 10% (the one belonging to love film or something like that.) It is a big deal to these websites as there is a direct link between the more accurate the recommendation and the higher the chance of a purchase so an increase of 10% well not to be sniffed at There are teams all over the world working on this turning people into mad obsessives as they search for each %. There are a handful of films that have caused progress to grind to a stop, one of which is napoleaon Dynamite - another is life aquatic. It all comes down to the fact that these films create an extreme feeling of love or loathe and there is no predictive pattern as to which side of the fence people fall. Apparently this fact is casuing all kinds of stats experts to scrath their heads. Although it did get me thinking that to bring down amazon get as many epople as possible to spend time giving random ratings to stuff on their site ..... revolution starts with a calculated 1 star!

Friend of rachel worth

Anonymous said...

Oi, sort your bets out!

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh out loud about the op - sorry, Tim. I hope all's healing beautifully and that the gen anaesthetic was as wonderful as promised :) Rosemary xx

Nikalong said...

I've been to your shop and I can't see how you've got space for a film festival.

Akasha Savage said...

Hey to you all! I've not visited blog lately, but everything seems on the up and up - apart from poor ole Tim at the mo - I really must make an effort to mingle amongst the blogosphere more often. Your blog is always so entertaining! :)