Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lazy Sunday Afternoon....

Today I shall be tweeting and blogging my day at work, for no other reason that I want to. I hope it gives you an insight to the mighty world of thr Big Green Bookshop.

10.42am Breakfast consumed (3 wheet biccies and a cup of coffee) i'm putting on my shoes ready to head to the shop. No need for a coat on a day like today.

11.18am The shop's open, computer's on, ipod is on shuffle (Dexy's Midnight Runners at the momnet). Time to blow up some balloons and finish knocking up a sign for outside the shop.

11.43 Second customer in the shop. One order from the US, one out of print booksearch and one which I nweed your help on. There was a book out a few years ago in which a bloke kept a 'log' of all his visits to the toilet for a year. I can't think of the name of the book. Can you help.

11.45 Sign finished and blondie on the ipod.

11.51 First sale of the day. Tom Hodgkinson and Barack Obama.

12.15 A flurry of till activity. Moneyball by Michael Lewis and Doreen Virtue on Angles. Not I hasten to add to the same customer.

12.21 Never drink Rockstar Energy Drink and coffee at the same time.

12.42 Coffee machine on and perculating nicely. I've stuck a 'coming this week' sign on the wall of the shop, which seems to be getting very little reaction.

12.50 Rewritten the newsletter with the new Reading Group choices on 'POisonwood Bible' for the grown ups and The Magician's Guild for the almost grown ups. Printed out 50 copies and stuck 'em next to the door.

12.56 Betting Challenge Choice chosen. Sabreflight in the 3.35 at Carlisle. Back to work now Simon...

1.05 Bristol City are about to kick off against Cardiff City. Tense....and to calm me down a bit, The Polyphonic Spree start to play on the ipod

1.45 Finished rearranging the multicultural section, and Katie is here with Freya, reading Bathtime Peekaboo on the sofa.

2.03 A man just walked past the shop and produced two spectacular belches.

2.12 Sending out reminders of all the exciting things happening in the shop to our mailing list.
Just finished a lovely cheese sandwich. Thanks Katie. x
0-0 at Ashton Gate still. Let's hope City put on the style in the second half.

2.46 YESSSSS!!! 1-0.
3.03 NOOOOO!!! 1-1.

3.24 Gone through the Saturday and Sunday revues and have ordered a couple of things that look interesting. No more talk of football for at least an hour.
Just sold out of What It Is, a great book by cartoonist Lynda Barry. It always gives me immense pleasure selling the less obvious books. Beanworld next

4.04 Another busy 15 minutes. Time to put some more coffee on.

4.35 Have spent a very pleasant 20 minutes in the company of Robbie, and topics touched upon included The watchmen, haruki murakami, lying convincingly, Michel Gondry, Alexander Scriabin and also stuff I knew something about.

5.15 It's all over for the day. The last books I sold were Strunk and White's Elements of Style and a Puppy board book. Time to cash up and go home.


Balders said...

In today's blog Going Underground blog Edward Spencer describes how he was inspired to walk the Piccadilly Line after "walking to Wood Green to buy a book" - one of yours ?

rich! said...

Beanworld?? Tales of the m.f. Beanworld!!!

Whoo hoo!


Which volumes ended up in books? I lost track when Larry became the 'nexus of all comic book realities'

IsarSteve said...

Totally OT - But strange I thought, that you used THAT song as a title shot..

I happen connect that song with Wood Green.. and in my 1968 diary it mentions that I bought my copy of it on Wood Green High Rd on 04/05.1968 .. of course, I was only a baby at the time..