Thursday, March 12, 2009

This Week, Next Week and Beyond

We're busy. We're always busy. But at the moment we're really busy.
Here's what's happening at the moment.
This week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) Tim has been taking the magnificently funny and talented kids author Guy Bass around 6 different schools.
This is a Guy

This is a Bass

and this is Guy Bass

Guy's new book Dinkin Dings and the Frightening Things is a brilliant, daft and wondrous book, ideal to get kids excited about books. BUY IT NOW (well, buy it tomorrow from your local independent bookshop), it's only £4.99.
Whilst Tim's with Guy, i've been sitting around in the shop drinking coffee and playing, of course I haven't. I've been organinsing the next wave of fun at the shop. Next week (Tuesday March 17th at 7.00pm) we're lucky enough to be joined by The Idler's very own Tom Hodgkinson. He'll be with us to talk about his new book 'The Idle Parent; why less means more when raising kids'. A wonderful antidote to those dispiriting parenting manuals, Tom is here to offer us a approach.
THIS IS THE ONLY FREE EVENT TOM IS DOING (if you want to pay a tenner, you're more than welcome) SO FAR. It should be a really great evening so come along, as he's also going to be bringing his ukulele with him, so we can all have a singsong as well. If you can't make it and you want a signed copy, email the shop (, and we'll get one sorted for you. The post and packing in the UK will be just one pound!!! Bargain.
Then, on Wednesday, we'll be at a local school with Benjamin Zephaniah!! Oh, yes indeedy.
He's going to be Talking Turkeys and Funky Chickens and telling us all it's a Wicked World. This should be lots and lots of fun, and once again if anyone wants a signed copy of one or 3 of his books (post and packing a quid within the UK) £4.99 each, just let us know.
Also next week is when we turn the shop into a cinema in the evenings to highlight the Wood Green International Short Film Festival.
On Monday we'll be showing PERSEPOLIS
On Tuesday it's the Tom Hodgkinson night
On Wednesday it will be THE POWER OF COMMUNITY
and on Friday it's NAPOLEON DYNAMITE
all films start at 7.00pm sharp, so if you want to ensure a seat then get here early. Once again all these screenings are free (if you want to pay a tenner you're more than welcome).
We have a bookstall to do next week, we'll be the bookstall at a literary festival the following week, where the main guest is Iain Banks (more to follow), we're also at White hart Lane soon with Darren Shan, and also in the next fortnight we'll be at 3 other schools with 3 different authors. This is all in March, and i haven't even started on April.
.oh, and a book launch, and we're hiring the shop out for an evening.
..oh, and also we're open from 9am until 6pm Monday to Friday and 11-5 on a Sunday.
...oh, and by night Tim and I are superheroes.
Tim is the Mighty Oink, master of bacon
...and I am Scuba-lad, prince of shallow water.

It's a wonder we have any time left at all!

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Shameless plug - Dinkin has his own blog, his 'Daily Diary of Dread and Desperation', on his very own Bebo page. Check it out!