Sunday, September 27, 2009

Joseph and his Amazing Eco-Horror Scream Trophy

Many many congratulations to Joseph D'Lacey, who just last week won The British Fantasy Society 'Best Newcomer' Award. I've been a huge fan of his since I read the extraordinary 'Meat' last year, a dystopian eco horror with incredible humanity. Stephen King says 'Joseph D'Lacey rocks', and I wouldn't argue.

His second book Garbage Man, is equally compelling, the first 100 pages having some of the most powerful (if sometimes disturbing) imagery, and it satisfies both fans of zombie mayhem and also psychological chiller.
I did an interview with Joseph last year which you can find on this here blog. here's a link..

Anyway, If you gat a chance, give Joseph D'Lacey a go. He's horrific (in a fantasy sort of way).

And if anyone can suggest a way of getting copies of Kill Crew (his latest US published novella) to stock in the shop, let me know. Suggesting Amazoid or Stonegarden will not be tolerated.

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