Friday, September 25, 2009

The New Big Green Bookshop Newsletter

If you click on the pages they get bigger. This is 5 hours work.


jrg said...

Tangential to this, at last Sunday's Harringay Food Festival on the Green Lanes, Haringey Council had a 'comments' board for people to write down notes on post-it notes and stick them on the board.

A surprisingly large number were lamenting the lack of a book shop since Ottakers/W*stones closed. Which makes you (or me, anyway) wonder!

(there were great comments on there in the "Best things about Green Lanes?" category - "the shopkeepers don't check ID" was one of our faves, but I'll bet the council don't publish them all!)

Simon Key said...

Thanks JRG, I know that there are loads of people who still have no idea we exist, despite all our efforts. We're doing another big marketing push over the next couple of months leading up to xmas, so hopefully some of them will find out. We still rely heavily on word of mouth, which is by far the most effective advertising we have.

Anonymous said...

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