Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I've Not Been Well

I've been a bit sicky 'bleeuurghh' and also a bit sicky 'scuse me I must just nip to the loo'. It's not been any fun and despite the fact I had to take a couple of days off, the work still had to be done.
This is one of the hard bits about being a little Indie Bookshop. If someone is sick, it means that pretty much half the workforce is out of action.

We generally run the shop so that one of us is in the shop each day and the other one is out and about, either delivering books, visiting customers/potential customers or generally working away from the shop. If one of us is ill it makes things really difficult. We schedule stuff to happen and we hate it when we can't fulfill our promises.

Which is why it's a real blessing that we now have Mark. He works with us 2 days a week (usually Wednesday and Thursday), which means that we can schedule more stuff on the days that he's there, but at the drop of a hat (or something a lot less pleasant than a hat) he came and covered the shop while I covered...anyway, you get the idea. Some larger shops might find it inconvenient that a member of staff can't make it, but for a little shop like us it could mean us not being able to open the doors in the morning.

I don't quite know if there's a point to this post, but true to the title of the blog, I thought it might be worth sharing. We are, as The Rakes and Nietzsche both said 'Human, All Too Human', although they were probably thinking about willies and stuff, and i'm talking about puking.

I like The Rakes.

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