Sunday, October 04, 2009

Twitter and other things too.

We now have an 'official Big Green Bookshop' twitter account. We are Biggreenbooks. Should you want to follow us, you'll be warmly welcomed into our lovely bookshop's ample bosom.
Once we've got enough followers, we'll do quizzes and competitions to win stuff, and also we'll probably be juvenile from time to time.
We'll also start what I like to call #twitterarycriticism, which will be short reviews of books we like. I should probably copyright this.

We're also getting close to 100,000 hits on this here blog, and as far as I understand it, a blog explodes when this happens, so we'll have to think of something pretty big to mark the event.

Our big survey to find out everyone's 5 favourite books of all time (in no particular order) is going very nicely thankyou, but if you haven't yet, please take a minute or twelve to put your list together and send it to us. Remember, you could win 20 books of your choice*. More information can be found on our website.

This Tuesday sees the result of the Man Booker Prize, and our hardy Booker Book Group are nearing the end of their mission to read all six of the shortlist in 4 weeks.
We'll be meeting in the shop on Tuesday evening to discuss the six books and give our verdict, before watching the result on TV. The BBC is giving about 45 seconds of it's valuable schedule to announce the winner, in the middle of the News. I might start swearing in a minute, but I think it's completely and utterly disgusting that we're constantly encouraged and reminded to watch a bunch of donkey's arses ballroom dancing non stop, for example, but the BBC doesn't dedicate a bit of time for one of the biggest literary prizes there is. Things like Richard and Judy's book club showed that by making the idea of reading more accesible then you could get a load more people interested in books, which I think we all agree, is a 'good thing'.
But obviously if listening to 3 bigotted, opinionated twonks going on about how much they hate caravans, and trying to catapult renaults off a cliff is more important, then I'm pleased I avoid TV as much as I do. There's room for both, I know, but come on.
Rant over.

I'm going to be twittering the Booker Prize night from the shop, if I get the chance, so if you want to know what we reckon, join biggreenbooks. Do you see how i've come full circle there?

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