Monday, February 22, 2010

More Purple Prose from North London's Most Exhausting Bookshop

It's the 8th Annual Wood Green International Film Festival between the 25th-28th March. Yes indeed, Wood Green has a film festival. Not just a little piddly one, but a rather splendid International one that filmmakers from all over the world come to showcase their films at.
We got involved last year and as well as sponsoring the award for best local short film, the amazing animation Crone directed by Mikey Please. (click to watch) we also turned the shop into a cinema every evening during the week the festival was on.

Tim was particularly agile on this day last year.And look at the size of those speakers.

We showed 4 films throughout the week to highlight that the festival was on and to encourage people to go along.
The choice of films was decided by a vote on this very blog (I was very disappointed that 'Metaphoric Enema', the seminal work by enfant terrible film director Vaz Slateman didn't get enough votes to be shown). So we've decided that as it worked so well last year, that we'd do it again. We'll be showing 3 films this year and we'd like you to choose 2 of them. Down the right of this blog you'll see a list of films. we'd like you to vote for the one that you'd like us to show in the bookshop during the week. The most popular 2 will be the ones that we show. Simple ain't it? I've designed it so you can only vote once this time ( I was a bit of a numpty last year....), so make sure that you're sure before you vote.

On the evenings we show the films we will be serving the finest wines available and possibly some Chocolate and raspberry pavlova

So there you have it. GET VOTING.