Monday, January 30, 2012

Our Facebook Group

Are you on Facebook?

Oh, OK. But if you are, please join our Facebook Group.

But I already have.

Well, possibly, but when I checked Facebook this morning there were only 5 members in the Group. That's 803 less than there was yesterday.

NO !
So, if you want to join the group again, or if you want to join it for the first time and experience all the joy it entails, please click on this link and request to join. Oh, that's right. The other thing that's happened is that despite me making it an 'OPEN' Group, Facebook still requires me to accept you as a Group member.

Tsk, I don't media websites today.....


Emily said...

Joined! Why did it lose members?

Simon Key said...

A glitch on Facebook. I hope....

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