Monday, February 13, 2012

World Book Day

World Book Day this year is on Thursday March 1st. We like World Book Day, although it has crept up on us a bit quickly this year. We like it because it achieves what it sets out to do. It's a celebration of books and reading and it encourages and gives kids the opportunity to read. What a brilliant thing that is.

Shiny £1 books
Here's another thing. Every child under 18 is entitled to a £1 World Book Day voucher. This voucher is distributed by schools and nurseries around the country. These are like £1 Book Tokens which kids can spend in pretty much any bookshop. Most of these vouchers are exchanged for the special £1 books that are produced for the day. This year the list of books is better than ever.

During the week that World Book Day falls, lots of schools really get behind it and put on a week of activities to show kids how brilliant books are and how ace reading is. We've arranged 13 author visits during that week, and we have some amazingly brilliant authors who'll be going into schools and sharing their passion for books. Author visits can be totally brilliant and have the capacity to change a reluctant reader into the most passionate booklover. I've seen this happen on many occasions and it's truly wonderful.

So as well as authors including Tamsyn Murray, Ivan Brett, Miriam Halahmy, Graham Marks, Fiona Dunbar, Guy Bass, Ciaran Murtagh and Keren David visiting schools we will also be having story telling in the shop on the day courtesy of Good Little Wolf author Nadia Shireen.

"But there are only 3 of you. How will you be able to do this?"

Because we have the best customers in the world and some have volunteered to look after the authors on their trips to the schools.

Good old World Book Day. Please get behind it if you can.

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