Monday, January 07, 2013

Wood Green Literary Festival. Your Virtual "Suggestions Box"

We are about to start organising the first Wood Green Literary Festival. The council has awarded us £10,000 to do this and the enormity of the task in hand is fairly mind boggling.
What with opening a new shop in Brookmans Park and keeping our lovely Brampton Park Road shop going as well, 2013 is going to be hard work.

But we laugh in the face of hard work.

Can you guess the book

We pooh pooh the idea of sleep.

Guess this Kid's Classic
....and we ask for as much help as we can possibly get.

In the next week or so we'll be announcing an open meeting, in which anyone and everyone who wants to help us with the Festival, or who wants to offer us advice or suggestions is most welcome to come along to.
But there are many people who won't be able to come along to this for one reason or another, but who still want to help or offer suggestions.
And this is where you can. We want the Festival to be your Festival, where you get to decide who we should try and book, what events should be included and what we should try to achieve.
Of course we have our own ideas too, but these won't necessarily be right for everyone.
So here is what we would love you to do;
  • You can email us on letting us know what you'd like to see.
  • You can put your thoughts on the comments page of this blogpost.
  • You can phone us on  020 8881 6767
  • We will have a Suggestions Box in the shop from Wednesday, so you can either come in and put something in there and you can post something to us.
  • You can stop us in the street and tell us.
  • You can tweet us an idea, using the hashtag #N22LitFest 
  • You can join our Facebook Group "Big Green Bookshop" and write a suggestion there.
We just want to hear from you.
We've never attempted anything as big as a Literary Festival before and we've never had a budget for anything before either, so this is going to be a huge learning curve for us. But, with your help and support, I reckon we can put on something pretty special.
Hope you can get involved.


Ben Sohawon said...

The book is "Under Milk Wood"

Simon Key said...


Claire Rousseau said...

Is the second one 'Heidi'?

Simon Key said...

yes it is Claire.

Justin Key said...

I was going to go for the Hungry Catapillar eating his way through his greens for No2!