Friday, April 05, 2013

Literary Festival - an announcement

Here is some stuff about the Literary Festival that we've been awarded £10,000 to put on.

1. It will take place from Friday October 11th til Sunday October 13th.

2. The theme of the Literary Festival is "London; a Celebration".

Storylines by dex available here

Once we get some of the money, we can really start work on the Festival, but now that we have a theme, we can start to put together some ideas.

Here's a few ideas we've come up with (and we're just spitballin' here):
  • Future London
  • London Crime
  • Alternate London
  • London authors
  • Books based in London
  • Literary tour of London
  • Having the different venues we're going to use represented by tubelines.
  • Each of these venues (or tubelines) specialising in a particular topic, ie Poetry, Children's, Art etc.
  • Having a short story competition with the theme "London".
  • An author from every borough of London
  • A-Z of Literary London
Anyway, those are a few ideas.

The main target the Council has given us, having agreed to give us the money to put this on, is to get new people to come to Wood Green. What we want to achieve is to get people to come to a Literary festival in Wood Green, because it's a Literary Festival.
That fact that it's in Wood Green is just a bonus.

Now, we need your ideas.

Off you go.


Virginia Preston said...

There was a great session on 'Underground London' at Eastercon this weekend with authors like Paul Cornell and Roz Kaveney, who would be brilliant people to get if you can (8Squared programme).

Hilary said...

You could post a Google map in advance and ask people to plot scenes from books on it before and during the festival. You could try and find the place in London that features most in literature, or the place that is the most memorable/evocative.
Getting people to write London limericks could be entertaining. And some kind of quiz, obviously.

Anonymous said...

Residents grp in my road were talking of holding some sort of poetry (writing) workshop on green for kids.Have suggested they contact you and tie-in with festival.

Anonymous said...

Short story / flash competition and a live event for winners stories would be fab.

Anonymous said...

How about an anthology (or short fiction collection) of London by genre? Crime, horror, romance, historical, 'literary', sci fi, etc including a mash up of short stories, flash, nano and poetry, because a lot of London's charm lies in its diversity?

Jared said...

Kate Griffin, Mark Charan Newton and Tom Pollock did a great session on the relationship between urban spaces and the imagination last year, as part of a panel at Foyles. I'd recommend all three of them!

Victor said...

This is cool!