Friday, May 31, 2013


Last Tuesday (10 days ago), after moving a washing machine in the flat above Tuffet's, Tim was just tidying up, when he tore a massive amount of muscles in his back.
He managed to get home, but spent the next 4 days unable to stand up.
He is still pretty much housebound, and has now managed to walk to the end of his road and back. But essentially, Tim's back is pretty fucked at the moment and he can't work at the shop.
Heroically, he's been sitting/lying (I don't know), at home doing our monthly accounts and making sure that we don't get told off by our suppliers for not paying our bills on time.

It was a huge relief that we've taken on Carmel, who started at the bookshop last Wednesday (9 days ago), otherwise we'd have been unable to keep the shop open. She was only supposed to work 3 days last week, but ended up working from Weds-Sun. Thanks Carmel

I've been at Tuffet's pretty much non stop for the last fortnight. I've been desperate to get down to Wood Green, because there's so so much to do down there. I did spend a day at the Big Green on Monday (we had to shut Tuffet's) and did a bit of tidying. Blah.

As I've mentioned on a previous post, things are a bit quiet at the moment at the shop. Tim and I have been putting a lot of effort into opening the new gaff and I suspect taking some of our energy away from Wood Green has meant that it's not the slick, well oiled machine it usually is *coughs*.
Less people have decided to come and visit us there. That's what happens (we knew this), and we'd been really looking forward to Carmel starting, so that we'd then be able to have some time to look at the massive list of stuff we'd had to put on hold whilst trying to sort out the new shop.
Despite Tim knackering himself, we're can't put it off any longer, so we're going to be throwing all our energy at getting Big Green buzzing again (not with flies), and Literary Festival plans are the main focus of the next few weeks.
All the regular stuff is still going to be happening , including our Comedy Night tonight, school visits next week, book groups, writing groups etc.and we'll also be selling books at "The Literary Conference" at the Free Word Centre next weekend.
Anyway, we've always tried to be honest on this blog before, so we just thought we should let you know about poor Timmy and how how things are.

Here's a picture of some puppies. 

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