Wednesday, January 15, 2014

World Book Day

World Book Day is being held on Thursday 6th March this year and we’re looking to  hold book related events during the whole week, starting March 3rd.

We've been in touch with over 100 schools and asked them if they'd like us to help them organise book related fun during that week.
We've had a great response and it looks like we'll be very busy.
So this message goes out to Children's authors and publishers
If you are an author, and you're free to come to a school or two in Haringey, or you're a publisher and you know of any authors who may be free, please get in touch. 
We'll make sure the schools are primed for the visit and we'll do our very best to sell as many copies of the visiting authors books.
Kids love these visits and a lot of our local schools do a great deal to raise the profile of books and reading, especially during the week of World Book Day. It would really top the week off if the kids got to meet a REAL AUTHOR!!!
Anyway if you can help, you can contact us in many delightful ways, and here are three of them.
Phone 020 8881 6767
Email enquiries@biggreenbookshop
Twitter @biggreenbooks
Thanks. x

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