Monday, February 03, 2014

Please Sponsor a Chair.

Ever since we opened, almost six years ago, we've held hundreds, if not thousands of events in the Big Green Bookshop.
These include;

  • Author Events
  • School class visits
  • Comedy
  • Boardgames Club
  • Poetry
  • Songs & Stories for younguns
  • Music Performances
  • Book Launches
  • Book Groups and Writers Group
...and many more.

The chairs we bought when we first opened the shop to help us accommodate these events have seen a lot of action. And we think it's about time to retire them.

I mean, look at them, the poor things.
"Oh, the things we've seen...."
So we need to buy some new ones. They cost about £10 each and we need about 60 to replace the ones we currently have.

We're not in a position to buy £600 worth of chairs, and so we are shamelessly offering you the chance to buy (or sponsor) a chair for us.

But sponsoring one of our chairs will not only give you a warm feeling inside, there are even more tangible benefits too.

You will be able to get £1 off EVERY ticketed event you come to at the Big Green Bookshop for a whole year.

You name will be put on the "Sponsor a Chair" Roll of Honour, which will be displayed proudly in the bookshop (you obviously have the option to remain anonymous)

We hope you can help

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