Monday, February 10, 2014

Thank You.

Last week, I posted on here that the chairs we used at the hundreds/thousands of events that we've done here in the shop had seen a few too many, um, things and that now they needed to be retired. 
We honestly can't afford to buy new ones and so we shamelessly asked people if they would Sponsor a Chair for us.

You can read more about it HERE

The response has been incredible and I want to say a huge THANK YOU.
We said that we'd needed 60 chairs, and I'm delighted and even more delighted and delighted once more to tell you that we have now reached our target.
I really can't put into words how much this means. It's not just about the chairs (although they will be very very welcome), but it's about the fact that people felt they wanted to help us out. Sometimes, on cold rainy days when we haven't had a customer for over two hours, you kind of wonder. But it's stuff like this that reassures us that what we're trying to do is worth it.
You lot are absolutely amazing and I love you.
PS. If you still feel the urge to sponsor a chair, i'm not going to stop you. x

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