Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Brief Comment on Support


Just a few days after the closure of Waterstone's was announced the support for the shop and its staff started rolling in. This is the most positive thing that has come out of this whole affair. We simply did not know how much people loved us. And now, whenever we tell anyone of our plans they are really enthusiastic and full of encouragement. They still love us!

I just wanted to say thank-you, really.

Oh, and if you are a local Bookseller check out the on-line petition that one of our customers started. .The petition is closed now, but the comments prove that what we are doing - as a trade - is still worthwhile. It'll give you a lift, trust me.

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Kevin Duffy said...

It's good to see that there are still people out there with a vision who don't have to rely on tropical fish tanks to sell their books. Bluemoose Books wishes you all the best with your new bookshop.

Kevin Duffy