Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tales of Suspense, and Tales to Astonish....


Well we won't leave you in suspense any longer. They've accepted our offer, so next stage, operation 'Get the Money'. We had to go a little higher than the £28000 we originally offered, but everybody's happy, and we have got ourselves 25 free computers into the bargain. That's a little clue as to what the shop is at the moment!
We sorted out a solicitor to look after all the fancy stuff, and as the ingoing business we have to pay all the legal fees for all parties. We knew this already so it wasn't a big surprise. So that's £3000 + VAT.
We've got an appointment next monday with a bank to sort out the loan, so we've pulled all the strands of the business plan together. The plan's going off to the small business advisor at Haringey Council, and also to a prospective investor to check out and make sure we haven't missed anything obvious. Once that's all sorted, I might go and buy a tie...and a shirt....oh, and maybe some smart shoes...and possibly trousers that aren't jeans, for our visit to the bank.
Tim's put together a floorplan of the shop and we're going through a few possibilities on the layout. There's plenty of time for that though.

I should be getting my redundancy money tomorrow. I hope they haven't forgotten.


MarkFarley said...

I'd go to the machine first thing, dude. xx

MarkFarley said...

Twenty Five computers... Are you opening a bookshop or a Dixons?

I think its time to splash out on some Vans, Simon!