Saturday, September 22, 2007

You May Consider Me A Little Cross


Just a little.... after all my years on the planet I have found that it is a real waste of energy to get really cross. Especially about things over which we have no control. Like the closing of a shop, for instance. Just an example I picked at random, you understand.

But - and like Vanessa Feltz, it's a big butt - when you are given only 9 days notice, you might get a little moody.
And then your team work their preverbial butts off (leaving a butt shortage in Wood Green that only the magnificent Ms Feltz could fill) to get the stock packed up and sent off. One might be forgiven for feeling a tad grumpy.
AND THEN THE SHOP STAYS EMPTY FOR THE NEXT MONTH!!!! Well, yes, actually I am quite cross about that.

OK, I don't know whether it was Waterstone's or H&M paying the rent, but I am sure that we could have stayed there a little longer. Maybe by trading for a little longer we may have been able to soften the blow to both the staff and the customers. A week wouldn't have hurt, would it? or two?

To add insult to injury, our last window (Painted by the fantastic Cally) with it's ironic Harry Potter message "How Will It All End?" is still in place. Both a question, and an answer. It all ends with an empty shop. Bare walls and concrete floors, tails of wires hanging from the ceiling and specially imported dust gathering in the corners. (Why specially imported dust? Because we left it clean, that's why!)

Having got quite cross, I told Simon, who laughed and said that yes, actually he was quite cross too. And he raised the question "Who is paying the rent?" Well, as I said before, there are only two choices. So we clenched our little fists, screwed up our little eyes, and made a little wish.

Can you guess who we wanted to pay for an empty shop??? Well, can you?

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