Tuesday, July 01, 2008

3 Quick Things About Our Shop


1. Here's our fiction table

2. Here's our non fiction table

I hope theres's something for everyone!

But if not there's always the gift that keeps on giving.

3. The Big Green Bookshop proudly presents
our very own vouchers. Aren't they lovely?


MarkFarley said...

You have so remerchandised since The Bookseller to the Stars was there turning books around on the table. Shame on you. xx

Shell said...

those vouchers are so nice! look at the owls the lovely owls!

nice work big green bookshop :)

Anonymous said...

when will you stop using Waterstone's-type tables?
ever heard of stands?
i suppose D&M guidelines are much more instilled into your brain than you realized.....

Anonymous said...

Those tables look nothing like the ones at my local W's.
The tables there have overstock underneath and around them. *flinches*


Hereward said...

Hi There,

Sadly, really love the photos of the book tables.

Comparing my table stock you yours, there are only seven titles the same out of fifty-three - ie only a 13% cross-over between Tetbury and Wood Green.

If we were still working for Waterstone's, what would that cross-over figure be - 80/90%, or more?

Hooray for us! Long live the independents!

Mark Thornton said...

Since National Booktokens are going electronic (which presumably means people can start spending them on-line (shudder), I think printing your own book tokens is the way forward.

We launched our own earlier this year, and recipients of a Mostly Books voucher even get a complimentary cup of coffee when they come in to spend it!

Simon Key said...

Mark, we watched you turn things around and we didn't like to stop you. All is restored now. x
Thanks, Shell. Glad you like 'em

Anon. The style of the tables is like Waterstone's. It's what's on them that's different. Just because waterstone's do it a cetain way, doesn't mean it's wrong. It's common sense really.
If we'd used stands (which I think make the table look absolutely rubbish) someone could have claimed our tables were too much like Ottakars. You can't win sometimes, .
Hereward summed it up perfectly. The books you'll find on our tables (and most good indies) will be different to the 'units' that you'll find on chains tables. And they'll actually correspond to our customers.
Mark. Thanks for your comments. The vouchers have already proved very popular with local schools as prizes. And we offer free coffee to everyone!!

MarkFarley said...

I wouldn't have minded being stopped at all. I'm a fucking nightmare when I go to any bookshop. I nearly died inside when I popped into Traf Sq and there were half empty tables, unpyramided and the 342 tables upstairs looked like a New York skyline.

I can see where you are coming from. It does make me want to walk around the table more.

Anonymous said...

aww, i was only playing!
the choice of books is pretty darn good, and I applaud your recommendations.

a xx