Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Things That are Pleasing Me


1. The Tour De France.

what an epic event this is. I took a week off work once so I could sit on my lazy arse, and watch it live on Eurosport. I'm really pleased that I can watch the highlights on a channel that i can get. To be honest, i'm not surprised that the whole sport is riddled with drug taking scandals. If I had to cycle 3500 kms in 21 stages over 3 weeks at an average of around 40 kmh, i'd have to be on drugs to consider it.
The majority of the cyclists are completely clean, and I am in total awe of what they can achieve. My money is on Carlos Sastre, but it's probably the most open race in many many years.

2. Snuff-Box

the funniest thing on DVD for a long long time. Hurrah. Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher combined make funny ha ha stuff. Buy it from somewhere independent tomorrow!
A Clip

3. Our Facebook group

we're 6 short of 500 now. It's a good place to find out about what's going on in the shop, and also we give people free books every now and then. But you have to join in with all our nonsense. It's a two way street...

4. Our Customers

I love the fact that every day at least 20 people ask me about Katie and my impending parenthood. It's a great feeling to know that after only 4 months, the shop has built this kind of relationship with our customers. So far we've been offered (amongst other things) clothes, a pram, a cot, a moses basket, and dozens of toys. Someone dropped in a knitted cardigan the other day, someone is doing an embroidered bib for us, and today one of our lovely customers offered to work for nothing in the shop while I took some time off after the birth. I am at this moment sitting on one of those big bouncy balls (swiss balls?) that Katie has been lent to ease that pregnant/back/posture thing. Yes, I know I shouldn't be sitting on it, but it's so comfy.
I love our customers and I love Wood Green. Thanks.

5. This Book

so far i've spotted 18 posters aroound Wood Green. Well done chaps.

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jamesh said...

I've been thinking Cadel Evans from the start but Valverde is also talking a big game. Bring on the mountains so we can separate the men from the boys!