Sunday, July 06, 2008

To Whom It May Concern


1. To the person in the department of the organization that starts with C-O-U and ends C-I-L , who i've now spoken to 3 times about this, and who don't seem to understand the concept of turning a street sign round to face the direction of the road.
'but i've walked past the end of your road and I can't see the problem'

The problem is that I'd like the sign that says Brampton Park Road to point up the road where our shop is. Namely, Brampton Park Road. Not along the High Road. The High Road being the road we aren't allowed to stand on wearing a T shirt bearing the words 'Big Green Bookshop' whilst pointing up Brampton Park Road at the same time.

To those of you who've been putting the posters up in your windows (etc!). Thanks, they look great. Feel free to pass these posters on to your friends and neighbours to put up in their windows (etc). No photos yet, but I've seen about a dozen of these up around Wood Green, and I hear rumour of one on it's way to the Caribbean. Here's the poster again,. Just click on it and press print, put up and think of the good you're doing. Just think, by doing this simple act you could help to clothe and feed a child in Wood Green, when she's born (due last Thursday, but still very cosy and in no hurry to appear, in case you were wondering)

I hear that you get lots of comments and visits if you put a picture of a pretty little kitty cat on your blog so here we are. What a cutie.

Shop was a bit quiet yesterday. School fetes, local carnivals, bloody tennis.
But we've had some lovely school orders recently so... lovely schools. Well done, keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Umm, that's a great kitty picture, except it looks like he should be saying something to the effect of "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die" while pushing a button that opens a hole in the floor that drops Mr. Bond into a pit full of ravenous South American spiders. But maybe that's just me.

Ali said...

That is a very disturbing kitty picture (but you're right - it did generate a comment).

MarkFarley said...

Yeah, the hits shoot up when I put the cat on. But then she's a lot prettier and funnier than me. Haven't done that in a while though... Hmmm....

Have a great idea for a TBGB poster picture..

jamesh said...

On first glance I thought that the sign underneath was a "no middle fingers" sign...