Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Update-it's a date....and it's up.

'Absence (or was it Absinthe) makes the heart grow fonder', or so I hear. But if you're a customer of the Big Green Bookshop please ignore this ridiculous saying. We love to see you every day. If you come in twice a day, then we like you even more.

The shop's been ploughing on, or forging forward, depending on how you see things, and in the last week, these are the things that you may be interested to know.
  • we got an electric bill for £496. This is for 90 days....bollocks. Perhaps Tim getting electrocuted a few weeks ago cost more than just an immense amount of pain.
  • following our little blog piece about the Booksellers Association, all of a sudden we recieved an email from them, asking us to fill in a customer satisfaction survey. I did.
  • I'm finding it very frustrating trying to get replies from certain publicity departments about events we want to put on this year. (If you do happen to work in a publicity department, and think one of your wonderful authors would like to tread the Big Green Bookshop boards, then 020 8881 6767. We did around 80 events last year, and we want to continue this madness). I've emailed some of you 3 times now...
  • However in a few cases, we decided to cut out the middle man (or woman) and email the author directly. This has worked a lot better in the short term.....interesting
  • At this quieter (compared to xmas) time, we've offered schools some extra discount for one -off stock picks of books we already have in store. This is proving very popular, and we've had to reorder pretty much all of our primary fiction section twice in the last week.
  • I went to a meeting with the Council today to talk about the wonderful Wood Green International Film Festival, and how the Big Green Bookshop could get more involved. It looks like we're going to be sponsoring an award now, and also we're going to be a fringe venue, and show 3 films (of our choice) to help highlight the festival. These films can be anything at all. AND HERE'S WHERE YOU MAY BE ABLE TO HELP....

We'd like some suggestions for films to show in the shop. Anything at all, within reason. The films will probably start around 7.30pm, so nothing too long, and nothing too saucy. Debbie Does Dallas, whilst a masterpiece of it's genre, would probably not 'go down' too well with the locals.

That's all for now....


Simon and his amazing man-mask.

p.s. we were in the Observer/Guardian this weekend. Classy or what?

Hello Vincent.

Tim's having his varicose vein looked at tomorrow


San said...

The Big Green? (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0112499/)


Seriously, though... If you can get it, I'd recommend The Boy Who Stopped Talking (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0124768/)

Anonymous said...

From G d L

Hello from the wonderful world of redundancy.

You should show: It's Trad Dad (US title: Ring-A-Ding Rhythm) starring Craig Douglas and Helen Shapiro with the Dukes of Dixieland (as themselves); My Friend Flicka starring Roddy McDowell with Flicka (as himself);The Titfield Thunderbolt starring Stanley Holloway and Naunton Wayne with the Titfield Thunderbolt (as itself).

Joe said...

Can I suggest The Fallen Idol? No particular reason why - it's just good!
And now the real reason I wanted to comment: every bookshop I've been in touch with has told me they struggle to get a response from publishers' publicity departments. It's almost always quicker and easier to contact the author directly, if you can.
Good luck with all the events!
Joe Craig

Rol said...

I had a 90 day electric bill that was over £600 a couple of years back. Turns out my brother had dropped a skip on an underground cable outside the house and it was draining electric for a two week period. If anyone had touched the skip, they'd likely have been fried.

I still had to pay the bill.

Like your blog, by the way.