Monday, May 25, 2009

Back Home (England 1970)

Well, after a lovely holiday away from the world and all that rubbish, we're back in the Green that calls itself Wood.
Here's a few of the dreamy highlights from our time living in a tent shaped like a Dunce hat.

Inside the Tipi. It looks lovely don't it? It isn't always so lovely when it's pissing down with rain and the wind is blowing all the smoke from the wood burning stove back into the tent, but overall I give the tipi 7 forked tongues out of 10.
Ducks and Chickens squeezed out eggs for us, and kept Freya amused with their inevitable clucking and quacking.
The Eden Project. God did one of those once, but Adam and Eve screwed it up. Maybe they'll think twice this time, because it's a wonderful and inspiring place to visit.

Freya, eating food. 1. Homous on toast in Fowey (a really lovely cafe called Pinky Murphy's Cafe) and 2. Banana in the Glendurgan Gardens

They had a maze, and as is de rigeur for such occasions, we took the obligatory photo.
'Oh no, which way do I go now?....'

They also had exotic plants, which (once again) gave us more opportunities to perform the stereotypical shot. Bellamy/Attenborough/Tool.

Here's a couple of photo's for my Mum, who we visited in Bristol on the way back to the Green.Wild Goose Cottage in Goosham. We spent many happy times in this cottage when I was growing up, and it looks just the same.
My lovely Mum with my lovely daughter.

So, what have I missed since going away. We had no electricity, so no TV, radio, internet, to keep us up to date with all the important issues that are going on. I have heard a few snippets which I need confirming though.

1. Someone got through to the final of Britain's Got Talent by giving birth to sextuplets in 5 minutes.
2. Eminem won the Eurovision Song Contest with his version of 'Tamil Tiger Feet'
3. Peter Andre and Katie Price, the Tory backbench husband and wife team have been named as the source of swine flu.
4. Silvio Berlusconi won the Monaco Grand Prix, and don't let anyone tell you different.
5. Jonathan Ross is no longer alive on Radio 2
6. Status Quo are playing Galstonbury (i can't believe this one!!)
7. Michael Jackson is the latest casualty in the Apprentice. His rendition of 'Ben' was described by Sir Alan as 'bloody awful' and he said 'you, my son, should pull your bloody socks up'.
8. After a huge mix up, the percussion based crime novel 'The Lost Cymbal' by Den Brown is number one in the bestsellers. Den tells us all to look out for his new cannibal themed blockbuster about a tribe's search for Lenny Henry's wife,'Baking Dawn'.

Normal service will be resumed soon.

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Leigh Russell said...

We visited the Eden Project some years ago when it was still a work in progress. It's an amazing concept. We stayed over the water from Fowey - it's a world away from London and beautiful. Freya looks as though she's having a wonderful time there. I can almost hear her chuckling.
I hope you have a brilliant summer in your own neck of the 'Wood's (sorry, bad pun).
The first in my series of crime thrillers is out in two weeks time! I'm looking forward to meeting you on 30th July and will be in touch soon. Thanks again for your interest and enthusiasm.