Friday, May 29, 2009

Last Chance at the Crap Betting Saloon

The last day of the 'betting challenge' is Saturday, and I have one more chance to produce a miracle.

I'm £8Oish down after a series of desparate bets to catch up with the man who clearly never loses Scott Pack. It all started to go wrong after he produced a run of wins in November and pulled about £40 ahead. As gamblers know, you should never chase a win, but this competition encourages this. So I did. And really really badly.

So I'm pretty much stuffed....unless I pull the big one out on FA Cup Final day. In order for me to win (and this is highly unlikely) I need to find a winning bet of 80/1 or more and Scott needs to lose his final bet.

My initial thoughts are to go for a big big Everton win, but seeing as they can't score ore than 2 goals in a game, I wonder whether something else might be more suitable.

I'm not going to be able to place my bet on the blog tomorrow, because I'll be joining the legendary John Hegley
for a performance of his poetry etc. at rhe Haringey independence day, so my betting decision will have to be made now.....
OK Paddy Power have Everton to beat Chelsea 3-1 at 80-1. They also have Nicolas Anelka at 80-1 to score a hat-trick.
I think that the 'birdman' has my bet. It's so unlikely, but so is life.

Wish me luck


Scott Pack said...

Good luck. Quite a clever bet I reckon as it could well happen.

Scott Pack said...

Bad luck old bean. The Toblerone was lovely but this time a classy Hotel Chocolat bar or something fancy - milk or white chocolate please!