Friday, May 15, 2009


We're about to head off for a week in Cornwall. Katie, Freya and I shall be staying here..
This is a Tipi in Mill Valley in Wadebridge, and we'll be here for a week. Look what it's like on the inside..
It's a big old tipi, ain't it. Let's hope the weather's nice.
Being in a tipi means I shall be sans electricity for a week. Off Grid. No access to the world wide web, no way to find out if the e-reader has been successfully implanted into someone's brain, or whether Waterstoats are abandoning the Hub in favour of a very affordable and reliable chap with a shed in Norfolk to look after the stock. If, in the next week, the espresso book machine turns into a Hal like computer, and refuses to print poorly constructed poetry or heartfelt autobiographies ('i'm afraid I can't do that') I'll not know a thing about it.
Never mind...
In order to give myself a chance of winning this betting challenge, i've put down a bet for each day next week that I can find one. I'll be interested to see if any of them come in.

So next Sunday, we'll be back and firing on all cylinders, particularly this one

Please do't let my absence stop you from;

a. Visiting the shop
b. Commenting on the blog
c. Commenting on the shop
d. Visiting the blog
e. Going out
f. Aspiring to greater things
g. Despising Jeremy Clarkson
h. Eating Cheese
i. Fighting crime
j. Humming to yourself as you walk down the street
k. Living the life of riley
l. Adding me on Twitter
m. Buying a ticket for the Will Self event
n. Smiling at strangers
o. Considering your self at home
p. Considering yourself one of the family
q. Drinking water out of the tap
r. recycling
s. looking both ways before you cross the road
t. baking a cake
u. sending that birthday card that you have to
w. finishing that chapter
x. introducing the word 'peachy' into your vocabulary
y. tying up your shoelaces
z. telling the whole world about the wonders of The Big Green Bookshop in cosmopolitan Wood Green.



Raina said...

yay!! in the past 2 days i've done at least 20 things from your list.
*is very pleased with self*

have fun in your tipi!


Akasha Savage said...

That tipi looks great, much bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside. Have fun.

Leigh Russell said...

Can't bake to save my life - my last attempt at a banana loaf made a great frisbee (you think I'm joking? it bounced) and not sure about 'peachy' . . . can I make up for those deficiencies by increasing my contempt for Jeremy Clarkson? On second thoughts, I'm not sure that's possible.

The big old tipi looks great. I want one!