Sunday, August 09, 2009

Stripy Horse-play

Last Friday Karen Wall and Jim Helmore came along to the Big Green Bookshop to read their fabulous kids books 'Who Are You Stripy Horse', and 'Look Out Stripy Horse'. .
We've been doing story telling every Friday over the Summer Holidays at 1.00pm, and depending on how popular they are, we'll probably carry on in September.
Anyway Jim and Karen were great and the kids had a blast. Karen drew a couple of great Stripy Horse pictures and everyone who came along will know to 'always read the label' from now on.

Saturday was our Eco Day, which we've obviously been keeping very quiet about, as precisely 1 person turned up. It was just one of those things which happen sometimes. Thankfully we now know how to make a book out of recycled material, and also I am now the master of constructing rain catchers. We also advertised that we'd be making a 'Garbage Man' out of all the rubbish we've collected over the last week, to highlight how much waste there is and how important it is to recycle. The lack of Eco punters didn't put us off, and this is the result of our afternoon's work.
The gentleman on the right is from the local newspaper who turned up to take a photo or two of this momentous event. So at least he knew it was happening.
So kids, you should have been there to see the 18 foot tall man mountain of rubbish. But you weren't. Ah well.

I shall be writing about grown up things again soon, includig our Booker Prize Book Club, which i'm sure you'll all want to be part of, but until then, I bid you adieu.

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Mrs E said...

We had great fun listening to Karen and Jim, although I think they were quite non plussed that I knew nearly all the words to 'Who are you Stripy Horse?' thanks to constant tellings of the story on CBeebies

Who's your next celeb visitor for kids, BGBS?