Friday, August 14, 2009

This Week's Events part 1

On Monday we hosted an evening with the Hornsey Historical Society. Hornsey is a district in Haringey which sits just west of Wood Green. It's a 41 bus ride away, and much like Wood Green, there's a lot to admire in Hornsey.
The Society funds itself primarily through selling books (and postcards and maps and dvd's) and they have a lovely shop in an old Schoolhouse on Tottenham Lane. You should go there if you're in the area (after you've been to visit us of course). We also sell a lot of their titles and they're very popular. We've built up a very good relationship with them as, I guess, we're both advocating a similar respect for our prospective areas. Anyway the evening was a great success, and Albert Pinching (a man who probably knows more about Wood Green than the famous Woody Green from Wood Green's Woodiest Greenest bit), author of Discovering Old Wood Green and Wood Green Past amongst others, was a wonderful and charming speaker. Wine was drunk, books were bought and local history was celebrated.
Here is the legendary Albert, relaxing after his glorious performance.Thanks Albert and Keith for coming along.

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